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iPhone docks and micro HiFi systems are great choices for compact and quality entertainment. They save on space, are stylish and elegant in design and provide crystal clear audio. For iPhone docks, they also provide a means of charging your iPhone or iPad and connecting it to other devices. On the other hand the micro HiFi systems offer you all the functionality of a full HiFi system with the only difference being a lower sound output. This is because, to achieve their compact nature, their speakers have been reduced. However, they still have the same crystal clear sound quality and are suitable for use in lounge rooms, single rooms and even carry around for trips.


There are several models and types of iPhone docks and micro HiFi systems. The following tips will help in you choosing the one most fitting to your needs.

The first thing you have to decide on is the purpose of either the dock system or the micro HiFi system. You should know whether you are looking for an alternative entertainment source or the main audio entertainment source. It is also important to know if you are going to use the audio system alongside other devices and the size of the room you will be using the system for entertainment. Knowing the purpose of the audio entertainment system helps you work out the specifications you will be looking for. It also helps you know whether you need a dock system alone, or wireless speakers or complete set up of micro HiFi system.

The next thing you will consider is whether the machine is versatile thus allowing it to meet a number of needs and purposes. For example, if the iPod dock comes with a powerful speaker you may not need to get other wireless speakers or a micro HiFi. On the other hand with a micro HiFi system that comes with an iPhone or iPad dock enables you to enjoy both the ability of streaming music from your mobile device, listening to radio, playing a CD all with the advantage of compactness. Thus, it is important to look at what you have and get what will improve on your needs without necessitating a lot of separate purchases.

The other issue that should determine your purchase of iPhone docks and micro HiFi systems is their level of compatibility. This is in terms of Bluetooth systems, versions and formats of sound it can play and the various audio pins and cables that can be used with the system. Given that most of your other devices like audio cables and head phones will be using universal ports and formats, the system you buy should also match that. This allows the ease of use with various other audio devices and also getting spares.

Finally, you have to consider your budget. Getting a portable audio device that matches quality performance with a versatile nature will cost you more than the basic device. However, it spares you the need for future additional purchases. It is thus ideal for someone with no other audio accessories. A careful assessment will therefore go a long way in ensuring you get the best device for your needs in the market.


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