Home Theatre Systems


Home theatre systems are high-end sound options for you home theatre set up. These create an immersive experience with multiple speakers surrounding you while you watch your favourite movies, shows or sports.

Home theatre systems come in 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 setups with 5 being the number of speakers and the .1 denotes the included subwoofer. Most systems in the 5.1 configuration use two left and right speakers situated on either side of the television along with a centre speaker directly facing you as well as two rear left and right speakers. 7.1 systems add two additional speakers for placement beside you to create a more immersive experience and can even replicate sounds like a car driving past or other directional effects.

There are a number of speaker designs which can be either smaller speaker that can be wall mounted or placed on bookshelves of cabinets or standing speakers that are of a tall, thin design that can be placed around the room. Some home theatre systems come with an inbuilt DVD or Blu-ray players as well as AV receivers that can be used as the main entertainment console for the living room. This AV receiver controls the audio set up and can even be used with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to smartphones to play music as well!

Come instore and hear the difference that a home theatre system can make to your AV setup! 

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