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There is a wide selection of superior home theatre systems that you can choose from. Home theatres come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This guide will include information on the different types of home theatre systems and the important factors to consider before purchasing one. Your option will depend on a number of factors such as the type of speakers, the design of the home theatre system and most importantly the type of setup.


While the most common type of sound found in home theatres remains to be the surround system, Blu-ray is starting to be a favorite for many because of its unbeatable high-definition picture quality. It gives the ultimate 3D theatre experience. There are different types of speakers that you can choose for your surround system:


These speakers are placed next to the TV on either left or right and they reproduce sound effects that are meant to come at the centre of your room. For good sound effect, you should have at least two front speakers.


These speakers reproduce the background noise and any other remaining sound effects. Like the name suggests, these speakers should be placed on both the right and left of your listening position. You will need a minimum of two speakers for great sound. Some more expensive brands will come with wireless rear speakers.


This is a loudspeaker that reproduces which is low-pitch audio frequencies known as bass. For a great sound output, you would require at least one subwoofer for your home theatre. It can be placed at any part of the room.


This speaker should be placed directly above or below your TV.

The number of speakers you get will depend on the configuration of the home theatre system you choose. Common channel systems include:

5.1 channel system - This surround system includes one centre channel speaker, one sub woofer, two front (left and right) speakers and two rear speakers. It works well in small to mid size roomsand provides an immersive, thundering cinematic experience.

7.1 channel system - It works by splitting surround and rear channel effects into four channels. The sound effects are directed to the left and right surround channels and to the two rear channels. It consists of all the speakers found in 5.1 channel systems with two additional speakers. It works well in larger rooms and is more expensive than 5.1 channel system.


The size and how the speakers will be mounted is another important factor to consider. You can choose from:

Floor standing speakers – These speakers are basically placed on the floor. They are thin and tall in design and are mostly used as surround or rear speakers.

Bookshelf speakers – These speakers are placed on a shelf or stand. Since they can also produce bass, the speakers can be used as front, rear or surround speakers.

Satellite speakers - They are the smallest of the speakers and since most of the speakers do not produce bass, they are used together with a subwoofer.

In-wall on-wall speakers - They are a great way to save space. The speakers are attached to the wall. They are usually small and can give the surround sound quality. They may require professional installation services since in some cases, the customer has to cut a hole in the wall in order to place the speaker.

The more the features, the more your home theatre is likely to cost more. The idea is to get a surround system that meets your sound needs whether movies or music. Whatever the case, be assured that we will assist you to get a system that best suits your needs.


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