STM - STM-114-168M-16 - 13" Summary Laptop Sleeve

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  • SKU: STM114168M16
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Width : 355
  • Height: 265
  • Depth: 20
  • Weight: Approx. 160g
  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 1

SUMMARY laptop sleeve

Take the best elements of our bags—a padded interior that protects from knocks and bumps, surrounded by a water resistant exterior—and fashion them into a piece only for your laptop. We call it stylish protection. You’ll call it just what you needed.

  • Durable zipper pull for long service life
  • Slim and light protective design
  • Asymmetrical zippered design provides easy access to laptop
  • Constructed from lightweight, water resistant fabric


To "show one’s teeth" indicates a demonstration of strength or power. But in the case of our reverse coil zippers, not showing the teeth is what makes this closure so tough. The zippers on our Stories bags position the slider on the flatter side and feature a fabric covering over the teeth that helps to keep out dirt and moisture (the kind of stuff that has no purpose getting into your bag in the first place).



Protect your stuff while you protect the planet. Stories is crafted from environmentally-friendly, free of perfluorooctanoic acid DWR C6 plus two coatings of polyurethane. That means wetness has to really, really work overtime if it’s gonna get inside your bag (past the outer water-repellant material, then the double layer of PU, followed by the inner lining that’s treated with yet another coating of PU). Take that, H2O!

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Additional Information

SKU STM114168M16
Material 100% polyester
Width 355
Height 265
Depth 20
Weight Approx. 160g
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 1

Manufacturer Specs

Fits up to 13" laptops
100% polyester
Durable zipper pull
Slim and light protective design
Asymmetrical zippered design
Lightweight, water-resistant fabric

Warranty Details

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