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The Sony Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs

When it comes to visual entertainment and topnotch premium picture quality, you can count on Sony Smart TVs. From crisp sound quality to future ready technologies, Sony lets users enjoy cinematic viewing experience to the fullest.

4KFull HD TV

Full HD stands for Full High Definition and is alternately known as 1080p, which characteristically has 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution. The usual and ideal resolution of a Full HD television is 1920x1080 at an aspect ratio of 16:9. With Sony’s 4K Full HD resolution, the picture is four times clearer and is the most widely used standard for shooting and displaying high resolution videos around the world.


3D stands for three dimensional and a Full HD 3D TV will allow you to experience the vivid 1080p videos in 'depth perception' with the help of accompanying 3D glasses. In other words, while watching a quality 3D video on your Sony Full HD 3D LED TV, you will often feel like the action has left the TV screen and spilled onto your drawing room.


Sony’s LED LCD TVs and CCFL LCD TVs are actually not that different, but the former is indeed superior to the latter in many ways. LED TVs consume less power, are slimmer and offer better colors. However, a high-end CCFL LCD TV will always produce better picture quality compared to a low-end LED TV.

Smart TV

You will find that smart TVs are a good addition to your home especially if you like all your music, TV and video demands to be met right from the comfort of your couch. Sony Smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi and a smart OS that allows connectivity to everything you may need for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Thanks to the extremely low lag rate and super fast refresh rate, Sony KDL is also very popular with gamers. Aesthetically, TV sets in the KDL-W800B series are all simple, slim and beautiful in design and will complement your living room.

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