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Dry Irons vs. Steam Irons vs. Steamers

Ironing is a chore you have to undertake at least once in a while and having the right device with you determines whether you will enjoy the experience or end up burning your clothes. To this regard it becomes important making important considerations and picking an ironing unit that best serves your needs. There are three main ironing devices you can pick from. There are dry irons, steam irons and steamers, all which make use of different mechanisms to ensure your clothes are straight and wrinkle free. Each offers different advantages and levels of convenience.

Tefal FV9604

Dry Electric Irons

Dry electric irons are the oldest of the three equipment types and are something of a classic. They are simple and only require you to adjust the temperature controls to match the fabric being ironed. They work with practically any fabric and they are the only option for clearing out wrinkles on silk clothes. They can be harder to find and since they are no longer the standard iron for use could be more expensive sometimes.

Steam Irons


Next up are steam irons. The modern standard of irons comes in different models. First up are the basic steam irons which are easier and cheaper to find. They are effective on large fabrics and apply steam while pressing the piece of fabric. By applying steam the fabric softens and relaxes making it easier to remove wrinkles. The other type of steam irons are the steam generator irons. These two types of steam irons differ in that steam generator irons create higher amounts of steam thus making the removal of tough wrinkles faster and easier.

The only disadvantage is that they are bulky and expensive for someone with very little ironing to do. The irons themselves are lighter than your basic steam iron but the separate tank for water add to the weight. The steam generating irons come in two model types, the non-pressurized steam generator iron and the pressurized steam generator iron. The pressurized steam generator iron has the advantage of applying steam at higher pressures which enables it clear the wrinkles way much faster than the non-pressurized iron.

Philips Aqua Steam Generator

Steam generators provide an alternative to having to press clothes to remove wrinkles and creases. They work by relaxing the fibers using steam and are thus a great option for use on gentle fabrics. They are also quicker and hold several advantages over the traditional ironing method. First they are faster and gentle on the clothes. They are easy to use with no skill or technique required. They can also be used on other fabrics like upholstery and also refresh the clothes reducing the need to get to a dry cleaner. They reduce the wear and tear that comes with continuous ironing.

Steamers will not give you the lines a well pressed cloth will have. They are thus good for quick solutions and heavy fabrics that don’t need lines but gentler treatment.