Sharp - KCA60JW - Air Purifier with Humidifier and PCI

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  • SKU: KCA60JW
  • Speed Settings: 5
  • Room Size: 48 m² (Air Purifying)
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Sleep Timer: No
  • Remote Control: No

Relieve dry air with Sharp's KCA60JW triple action Air Purifier and Humidifier. Maintain the right humidity level in your home with the innovative sensor function. When the room becomes dry the humidifying function will release moisture into the air. By maintaining a steady humidity level of around 60%, microorganism growth is reduced. The Air Purification system cleans the air using a HEPA and deodorising filtration system, capturing 99.97% of dust particles, as well as releasing Plasmacluster Ions into the air to deactivate any airborne viruses, mould spores, bacteria, odours and static electricity leaving the air clean and fresh.

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Plasmacluster Ion technology deactivates suspended airborne mould, viruses, dust mite allergens and bacteria. It attacks a wide range of odours including pet, cooking, garbage and cigarette smoke.

2-in-1 filtration system

2-in-1 filtration system

A 2-in-1 air filter combines the benefits of a HEPA* and an Active Carbon filter in one simple and cost effective solution. The mesh pre-filter prevents larger dust and dirt particles from clogging the main filter ensuring its long use.

Air Flow


The recommended humidity level in your home is between 40-60%. When the room becomes dry the sensor detects a change in the temperature and humidity level. The humidifying filter will start to rotate, picking up water from the tank and release moisture into the air.

Dual Action Purification

Dual Action Purification

By using both passive and active purification methods, the air is being filtered more effectively and efficiently.

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

During low mode operation the noise level is whisper quiet at 24dB allowing for a peaceful sleep every night.

Seal of Approval

Seal of Approval

Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are certified from the British Allergy Foundation. The Seal of Approval is for products which restrict/reduce/remove allergens from the environment of the allergy sufferer and for products which have significantly reduced allergen content.

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Additional Information

Speed Settings 5
Room Size 48 m² (Air Purifying)
Filter HEPA
Sleep Timer No
Remote Control No

Manufacturer Specs

5 modes of operation
5 fan modes
4 useful function
High dust and pollen collection capacity
Odour, dust, temperature and humidity sensor
Clean sign indicator
Quiet operation
Simple operation and cleaning
Washable deodorizing filter
Efficient and long lasting Antimicrobial HEPA filter
Colour: White
Air-Purifying System: High-density PCI and Fan
Humidifying System: Natural Vaporization
Humidifying Tank Capacity: 4.0 L
Humidifying Capacity (Max / Med / Low): 730 / 600 / 300 mL/hour
Voltage / Frequency (V / Hz): 220-240 / 50
Air Purifying Recommended Room Size: 48 m²
Humidifying Recommended Room Size: 34 m²
High-Density PCI Recommended Room Size: 35m²
Air Flow Volume (m³/hour) (Max / Med / Low): With humidifying – 366 / 270 / 120; Without humidifying – 396 / 270 / 84
Noise Level ( dBA ) (Max / Med / Low): With humidifying – 47 / 40 / 24; Without humidifying – 49 / 40 / 19
Power Consumption (W) (Max / Med / Low): With humidifying – 44 / 24 / 9; Without humidifying – 60 / 22 / 5.3
Power Consumption in Standby (W): 0.9
Dust Filter: Antimicrobial HEPA
Odour Filter: Washable Deodorizing
Humidifying filter: Yes
Sensor: Yes (dust/temperature/odour/humidity)

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Great product
I bought this one for my daughter who suffers from allergic rhinitis and I couldn't be happier , symptoms are reduced by 70 to 80 % , a must have product .. the only disadvantage is the price i have to say, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for
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