Scosche - MAGTHD2 - MagicMount™ XL Dash/Window

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MagicMount™ XL Dash/Window

Magnetic Dash/Window and Home Surfaces Mount for Tablets & Other Mobile Devices

Larger Mount for an Even Stronger Hold

Larger Mount for an Even Stronger Hold

MagicMount XL is here! The magnets are specifically designed for tablets. This mount has larger more powerful magnets to safely secure your tablet to your vehicle's dash kitchen appliances walls and more. They come with a large and small MagicPlateTM for iPad Air iPad Pro Galaxy Tab and other brand tablets and more. The best tablet mounts for all large devices.

100% Safe Powerful Rare Earth Magnets

100% Safe Powerful Rare Earth Magnets

These powerful earth magnets hold your device securely in place and are 100% safe for Smartphones Tablets GPS and other mobile devices*.

*Does not work with iPod Classic or other hard drive devices. The strong magnetic fields produced by these Neodymium magnets is enough to damage hard drive devices.

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Manufacturer Specs

Magnetic mount with larger head
StickGrip™ material
Powerful neodymium magnets
100% safe for smartphones, tablets & GPS
Flex-neck design
Permits safe and easy one-handed device use

iPhone Xs: Yes
iPhone Xs Max: Yes
iPhone Xr: Yes
iPhone X: Yes
iPhone 8 Plus: Yes
iPhone 8: Yes
iPhone 7: Yes
iPhone 7 Plus: Yes
iPhone SE: Yes
iPhone 6S: Yes
iPhone 6S Plus: Yes
iPhone 6: Yes
iPhone 6 Plus: Yes

Galaxy S9/S9+: Yes
Galaxy S8/S8+: Yes
Galaxy S7/S7 Edge: Yes
Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: Yes
Galaxy S5: Yes
Galaxy S4: Yes
Galaxy Note 9: Yes
V35: Yes
V30/V30+: Yes
G7: Yes
G6: Yes
V40 ThinQ: Yes
Moto Z: Yes
+6: Yes
And most Android Smartphones: Yes

iPod Touch (5th gen): Yes
iPod Touch (6th gen): Yes
iPod Touch (4th gen): Yes
iPod Touch (2nd/3rd gen): Yes
iPod Touch (1st gen): Yes
iPod Nano: Yes
iPod Shuffle: Yes

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