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Introducing the new Samsung Curved UHD TV

Curved Design

Walk into any lounge room, and you would probably just glance at the TV, even if it’s a huge screen size. Walk into a room with a curved TV as its centrepiece and you are guaranteed to get way more reaction. That’s because Curved TVs look almost unreal just sitting on a stand, like an optical illusion they need to be looked at closer. The sweeping arc adds a touch of bleeding edge design to any room.

Turn on the curved TV and the next level of visual entertainment is reached with an immersive viewing experience that has to be literally seen to be believed. The gentle, subtle curve reduces glare from the sides of the screen and makes the TV image appear even larger with the edges ever so slightly closer to your viewing spot.

So how does the “curvature” of a curved TV actually get measured? In the case of the 65” Samsung, it has a measurement of 4200R, which means a radius of 4.2 metres of the TV screen, if it were to be extended all the way around to become a full circle.


Think about the last few times you might have been out to the cinemas. You might have been in a Gold Class recliner, or in a standard seat, but aside from the company you keep, what’s one of the biggest things you remember? No, not the dude chatting on Whatsapp or the couple making out in the row in front of you. We’re talking about the movie image. Pictures coming to life on a big screen.

Now if you’ve been to one of the IMAX theaters, you’ll know what it’s like to have an image wrapped around you, becoming so immersive that you almost forget you’re watching a movie, you become observers of a window in another dimension.

Curved TV emulates that immersive visual experience by subtly curving the TV to provide an almost imperceptible roundness, bringing the horizontal edges closer to your visual horizon and maintaining the same distance from your eyes to every section of the TV - providing a relaxed, immersive viewing environment.

Future Proofing

Sure, right now there is not much in the way of UHD content, or 4K as it’s known. But just like the development of Full HD display all those years ago, content is expected to ramp in in the coming months and years. You’ll be in a prime position to take advantage of that content as it becomes available.

The upscaling ability of the Samsung curved TVs to take lower resolution content and add detail and clarity means the ultra high definition screen will be enjoyed from the moment you place it in your entertainment area.

The beauty and simplicity of the future proofing technology lies in the one connect box, a hub that sits outside of your new curved TV. This box has one output to the curved TV, with all device and broadcast inputs sitting within this component. This means as formats video formats develop further, the box itself can be upgraded to ensure the actual display still provides you with many more years of viewing pleasure.

Smart TV

This curved TV delivers more than just a superb viewing experience. At the core of the viewer experience is the Smart Hub, making it easy to discover and watch content from one central location.

All you have to do is press the Smart Hub button and you’re presented with the Smart Hub environment. You can either use your hand or continue to use the remote control, easily taking you to the selection you’re looking for.

The first panel is On TV. This shows you the program you’re watching as well as related content that may be broadcast now or shortly after. This applies for all free to air channels. You can then choose to switch to that channel, record it to an external hard drive (sold separately) if it is broadcast later, or just alert you when that program is starting.

Next is the multimedia panel, which shows your photos, videos, music and social feeds. This will display all your personal multimedia content that’s available to watch on your Samsung Smart TV, including recorded TV5, and even cloud storage services like dropbox.

The multimedia panel also shows the most relevant content pulled from your Facebook, Youtube and Twitter accounts, allowing you to scan your feeds for content that’s important to you.

Smart Remote

Have you ever screamed at your TV? Probably during bad call on a sports program, right? Well now, you can talk (nicely) to your TV and give it instructions. Change the channel, or if you really don’t like the way your team is playing, tell the TV to turn off completely!

You can also ask your TV to find content for you. For example, ask for any upcoming movies with Brad Pitt, or anything horror-related. The curved TV will come back with content that it’s found using the online EPG database that you can then set for an alert, or record when it airs.

S Recommendation

While you’re making all these program viewing choices, Samsung’s curved TV is monitoring your viewing habits, creating a profile that makes it even easier to come up with the programs and movies that suit you. It’s like having someone sit with you through all your sports, movie and TV program viewing and understanding your preferences. It takes guess work out of viewing entertainment and might even find shows you weren’t aware of but might interest you, like a personal viewing consultant.


Feature Summary
140cm/55” & 165cm/65” Series 9 UHD

  • Full High Definition
  • Quad Core Plus
  • InstantOn
  • 1200 CMR
  • 3D
  • Direct-lit
  • Precision Black
  • UHD Dimming
  • Autodepth Enhancement
  • Curved Design
  • One Connect Ready
  • Wifi built-in

Video Review

Samsung’s Curved Ultra High Definition LED TV sets a standard for brilliant, immersive viewing experiences. Watch this video to see how Samsung's latest Smart Hub combined with Ultra High Definition and Curved design delivers the ultimate viewing pleasure.


Features of the Samsung Curved UHD TV

Pure Color

This feature allows the TV to express most shades of color as nature intended for optimal picture performance. Most TV's focus on the adjustment points of primary colors Red, Green and Blue. PurColor focuses on primary and secondary colors Magenta, Cyan and Yellow.


This feature allows the TV to express most shades of color as nature intended for optimal picture performance. Most TV's focus on the adjustment points of primary colors Red, Green and Blue. PurColor focuses on primary and secondary colors Magenta, Cyan and Yellow.


With Wide Color Enhancer Plus, you'll witness a wider spectrum of colors on your screen, just like the director intended. You'll enjoy enriched colors while watching your favorite movies and shows and even older, non-HD content.


The Samsung Ultra Clear Panel absorbs ambient light, reduces reflections and lets the picture come to life. It displays deeper blacks and enhanced contrast for crystal clarity and reduces glare, so you can see clearly and enjoy more detail.

Smooth, fast Quad Core Plus

A Quad Core Plus processor helps to enable Samsung Smart TV navigation and new Samsung Smart TV multi-tasking

Multi-task on your TV

Samsung’s Multi-Link Screen brings a high level entertainment experience allowing you to access two or four windows, with two different content sources on the one screen simultaneously.


Auto Depth Enhancer is innovative picture technology that analyzes regions of each image and automatically adjusts the contrast for a greater sense of depth. As a result, everything you watch has incredible detail and appears more natural.

Dimming for detail

UHD content. Samsung’s UHD Dimming adjusts brightness levels to support the creation of deep blacks and clean whites.


Samsung Curved UHD TV Product Range

UA55HU9000 140cm/55” Series 9
Curved 3D UHD LED TV

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UA65HU9000 165cm/65” Series 9
Curved 3D UHD LED TV

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“We’re feeling flat…unstimulated.
Our interest in TV has deflated.
Curved Samsung we’ve long anticipated!
Incomparable window to the world,
Into an abyss we’re hurled”

Caitlin Dorey, VIC

“This will change my life because I will use it to assist in teaching my students and bringing life, colour and music into my classroom.”

Justine McLarty, NSW

“The Samsung Curved changes precious moments together into an epic, an experience, a story, an adventure we share, and a life we become part of.”