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Samsung Smart TVs

Discover the latest in electronic and smart appliance technology when you shop for Samsung products. From tablets and smart phones to laptops, digital cameras and TVs, Samsung leads the way in the electronics market. Samsung Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs lets users maximize the fullest viewing experience with the latest technology and topnotch product quality.

Vivid color and dramatic contrast

With Samsung Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs, experience vivid color and dramatic contrast. When you watch your favorite movies, TV shows and sports events, the whole experience will be even more vibrant and dynamic. Images will be displayed in greater detail.

Micro dimming

With micro dimming technology, whites will look whiter and blacks become deeper. This contrast technology is exclusive to Samsung TVs, which means you can’t find this feature in any other television set.

Smart TV

Samsung smart TVS are intelligent and intuitive, and you can explore movies, TV shows and apps. These television sets also allow you to view your social media accounts. The powerful processor makes the TV respond quickly to your commands.

Smart hub

Everything you love can be enjoyed in a single place, thanks to smart hub. It organizes all your entertainment options into five panels, allowing you to navigate seamlessly through live television, streaming content, movies, apps, social networks and games.

Smart Apps

You can enjoy your favorite apps, streaming TV, movies, sports and interactive games. You can connect to YouTube and watch endless hours of videos, or tune in to Netflix to catch the latest movie. With Samsung Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs, you will have limitless access to the world of entertainment, and your television viewing will never be the same.

Voice Interaction

With Smart Interaction, you can easily control your television with Voice Command, which allows you to tell your TV to perform some basic commands like “turn off”, “record” or “last channel”. You can also ask your TV to search for what’s on the menu. An accessory camera can be added to the TV set-up, allowing you to use hand motions when browsing the menu or playing games.

Smart remote control

A built-in microphone in the Smart Touch remote provides you with greater control of your television. Use a touchpad to navigate the menu, or use remote control the same way you use a computer mouse by simply pointing and clicking.

Quad Core Processor

The quad core processor in the Samsung Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs allows you to enjoy a faster browsing experience. You can switch between streaming content and applications, and the processor allows faster multi-tasking.

Full HD Resolution

You can enjoy great picture quality with 1080p full HD. The resolution of the TV is two times that of standard HD televisions. When watching your favorite movie, you catch every detail.


You can connect to a wireless network and browse the web. Content on demand is available, and you can also access various apps. You can also turn your TV into a full web browser.

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