Ring Smart Home Accessories

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Help your Ring smart home technology work to its full potential and enjoy an even smarter home with our selection of Ring accessories including solar panels, wi-fi extenders and battery packs.

The Ring solar panel means your home security system will be charged around the clock - and since we enjoy sunlight everyday here in Australia, it'll never let you down! Weather resistant and with an adjustable mounting bracket, this product is a flexible addition to your home security system. Harnessing the power of up to 11 hours of direct sunlight, this panel will supply all the power needed to run your spotlight security camera.

Make your home security system seamless and environmentally friendly with a solar power supply. With a streamlined design, it's an attractive addition to your existing set up. Please note that the solar supply can can only be used with the Ring camera and will not work with any other system.

Additionally, the quick release Ring battery pack is the perfect accessory for your video doorbell. Never run out of battery power and always see who is at your door. The Ring wi-fi extender and indoor chime will also extend your wi-fi signal from your router to all your Ring devices so you always stay connected and feel safe.

Accessorise your home with Ring's tool kit of smarter, safer solutions. Browse the entire smart home range online or in store with Bing Lee today.

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