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Bing Lee Electrics Pty Limited ABN 61 000 733 488 and each of its related entities ("Bing Lee") takes its obligations under the Privacy Act, 1988 (Cth) including related legislation ("Act") and the Australian Privacy Principles ("AAPs") seriously. Bing Lee respects the right to privacy of its customers, suppliers, contractors, agents and others with whom it deals ("You/ Your") and understands the need to protect Your personal information.

Bing Lee is bound by the AAPs and other laws and codes relating to personal information. This Policy does not apply to information held by Bing Lee about its employees.


This Privacy Policy sets out how Bing Lee manages Your personal information. It also describes, in general terms, the types of personal information Bing Lee holds, for what purpose and how that information is collected, used, stored and disclosed. This Privacy Policy applies to all Your dealings with Bing Lee whether through our stores, franchisees, warehouses or websites.


As a large retailer of consumer goods and services, personal information collected and maintained by Bing Lee generally comprises:

1. personal details required to identify You such as name, address, drivers licence information, date of birth and place of birth information;

2. contact details including phone number, fax number and email address;

3. credit card, financial institution and cheque information;

4. credit history including reports from credit reporting agencies;

5. business details such as company name, size and business type; and

6. unique identifiers such as user name, account number and password.

This personal information is collected for the purpose of Bing Lee's dealings with its customers, performing credit worthiness checks in accordance with Bing Lee's credit policies and promoting and marketing Bing Lee's goods and services.

Bing Lee does not collect information about a customer's racial or ethnic background, political views or persuasions, membership of any political association, professional or trade association, trade union membership, religious belief or affiliation, philosophical belief, sexual preference or practice, criminal record or health information.


Your personal information, as disclosed at the time of collection, is used by Bing Lee for the primary purpose of supplying You with Our goods and services. It is also used for ancillary purposes such as locating and identifying customers or otherwise servicing Bing Lee's relationship with its customers.

Bing Lee may also use personal information collected for the purpose of marketing its goods and services. If, at any time, You do not wish to receive direct marketing material, You may elect to "opt-out" by clicking on the link appearing on the marketing material or by notifying Bing Lee's privacy officer by email at privacy@binglee.com.au or telephone on (02) 9781 3000 that you do not wish to receive marketing material.

Subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy, Bing Lee undertakes to You that it will not sell, license or exchange personal information about You without Your consent. Bing Lee will not otherwise use or disclose Your personal information unless such use or disclosure is authorised by You or under the Australian Privacy Principles. Some examples of where such use or disclosure of Your personal information would be authorised are:

1. use or disclosure is required or authorised at law;

2. use or disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life, health or safety;

3. use or disclosure is necessary to investigate suspected unlawful activity, to prevent or detect criminal offence or improper conduct;

4. use or disclosure is reasonably necessary for the preparation or conduct of court proceedings; or

5. You have consented, either expressly or implicitly, to the disclosure of information about You.

Bing Lee relies upon third party contractors and suppliers ("Agents") to undertake specialised activities or services such as mail outs, internet communications and other promotions. The Agents act on behalf of Bing Lee and have agreed not to use any personal information about Bing Lee's customers provided to them for any purpose other than the specific engagement on behalf of Bing Lee. Whilst personal information may be provided to these Agents to enable them to perform their tasks, such information remains the property of Bing Lee. By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy You consent to the disclosure of Your personal information by Bing Lee in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Bing Lee may use cookies on its website. Bing Lee may also partner with a third party advertising network to either display advertising on Bing Lee's website or to manage its advertising on other sites. Bing Lee and its partners may use cookies and electronic images known web beacons (sometimes called single-pixel gifs) to collect information that does not contain personal information about You such as Your browsing activities on Bing Lee's website and other websites in order to provide targeted marketing based on Your interests. If You do not wish to have information collected through the use of cookies, We recommend that You disable cookies in your browser. There are also web services that help You control what information is collected about You, such as Google's Ads Preferences Manager.

Bing Lee's website may include links to other websites whose privacy practices may differ from those of Bing Lee. If You submit personal information to any of those sites, Your personal information is governed by their privacy obligations and statements (if any). Bing Lee encourages You to carefully read the privacy statement of any website You visit.

Bing Lee's website includes widgets which are interactive mini-programs that run on the site to provide specific services from another organisation (e.g. to displaying the news, opinions, music, etc). Personal information, such as Your email address, may be collected through a widget. Information collected by the widget is governed by the privacy policies and obligations of the organisation that created it.

Bing Lee's website may offer publicly accessible blogs or community forums. You should be aware that any information You provide in these forums may be read, collected, and used by others who access them.


Bing Lee may use Agents whose operations, systems or databases are located outside Australia including in the United Kingdom and United States of America ("Overseas Recipient"). Prior to disclosing personal information to an Overseas Recipient, Bing Lee will take reasonable steps to ensure that the Overseas Recipient does not breach the APPs in relation to the personal information You provide to Bing Lee. Subject to the APPs, Bing Lee will only disclose personal information to Overseas Recipients for the primary purpose for which that information was collected. You consent to such disclosure.


Bing Lee aims to ensure that all personal information held about You is collected and used in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. This means that from time to time, Bing Lee may contact you to see if there are any changes to Your personal information. If You find Your personal information as held by Bing Lee is not accurate, complete or otherwise requires amendment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Bing Lee keeps personal information about its customers secure and takes reasonable precautions to minimize the likelihood of loss, misuse or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure or alteration of such information.


In certain circumstances, Bing Lee may be required to collect government identifiers from You such as Your tax file number or medicare, health or pension card number etc. Bing Lee does not use or disclose this information other than as required or authorised by law.


Bing Lee takes all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information about its customers is destroyed when it is no longer required.


Bing Lee will give You access to Your personal information which it holds about You. Your right to access Your personal information as held by Bing Lee is subject to certain exceptions allowed by law. Your right to access Your personal information may be affected by matters such as:

1. the information being commercially sensitive to Bing Lee or one of its service providers or customers;

2. access posing a threat to life or health of any individual;

3. access having an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others;

4. access being unlawful;

5. access prejudicing enforcement activities relating to criminal conduct or other breaches of law;

6. a frivolous or vexatious request by You or some other person on Your behalf;

7. the existence of a legal dispute or potential legal dispute; and

8. denial of access being required or authorised by law.

If Bing Lee denies You access to Your personal information, Bing Lee will provide an explanation for doing so. For most requests, Your information will be provided free of charge, however Bing Lee may charge a fee to cover its reasonable costs of retrieving and supplying the information to You.


The accuracy and completeness of personal information We hold about You will depend on You providing accurate, complete and up-to-date personal information to Us when You have dealings with Us. Bing Lee will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information We hold about you is accurate and up-to-date. If You believe personal information We hold about You is not accurate, complete and up-to-date or is otherwise misleading, please contact Bing Lee and We will take steps to correct the relevant personal information.


Bing Lee stores Your personal information on its systems and with its Agents. Bing Lee has adopted appropriate steps to minimize the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access to, interference with, modification of or unauthorized disclosure of Your personal information. Where personal information is no longer required appropriate steps are taken to destroy or de-identify that information. Whilst the utmost care is taken with Your personal information, Bing Lee cannot guarantee that personal information stored or transmitted using Bing Lee systems will not be lost, misused, intercepted, interfered with, subject to unauthorized access or disclosure or otherwise secure.


Bing Lee acknowledges and respects its customers' choice to "opt-out" of direct marketing communication activities undertaken by Bing Lee. If You do not wish to receive direct marketing or other promotional material from Bing Lee, please contact Bing Lee's privacy officer by email at privacy@binglee.com.au or by telephone on (02) 9781 3000 and indicate the particular marketing or promotional material You do not wish to receive.


More information about Your privacy rights, the Act or the Australian Privacy Principles is available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner's website at www.privacy.gov.au.


We have nominated a Privacy Officer, to manage any privacy complaints. If You have any questions about Bing Lee's privacy practices or wish to make a complaint about how Your personal information is managed, please contact Bing Lee's Privacy Officer by email at privacy@binglee.com.au or by telephone on (02) 9781 3000. Any privacy complaint will be handled by Bing Lee in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Bing Lee will respond to complaints as soon as practicable.


Bing Lee reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be published on Bing Lee's website. Bing Lee encourages You to periodically review the Privacy Policy for the latest information on Bing Lee's privacy practices.


To review and update Your personal information or to obtain a copy of this Privacy Policy, please contact Bing Lee's Privacy Officer by email at privacy@binglee.com.au or by telephone on (02) 9781 3000. This Privacy Policy may also be found on Bing Lee's website at www.binglee.com.au.