Panasonic - RX-D50 - CD Radio Cassette Player

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New Stlish Design CD/Cassette Playback AM/FM Tuner MP3 playback Specifications Inbuilt Tuner Type: Analogue SACD Playback: Yes No. of Discs: TBC Load...

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Manufacturer Specs

New Stlish Design
CD/Cassette Playback
AM/FM Tuner
MP3 playback
Inbuilt Tuner Type: Analogue
SACD Playback: Yes
No. of Discs: TBC
Load Mechanism: Carousel
Play Exchange: Yes
CD Recording Capable: Yes
No Of Progs: TBC
Random/Shuffle Mode: Yes
Repeat Function: Yes
Intro Scan: Yes
Coaxial Digital Out: Yes
Optical Digital Out: Yes

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Quite good for what it actually dose
You know it's like a through back from the 90's. Audio cassette play back, CD player it has a really great sound out&put 90w. Ideal for anyone feeling nerstalgic.
Best you can get today.
Well made, can not compare with sound of Panasonic RX- ES30 I purchased about 20 years ago, that's the way it goes.
Really? You all think it's that good?
After reading all of the positive reviews that were posted here, I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself one of these units. Now that I've been using it for a while, I can honestly say that it might be great if you've got a whole bunch of old tapes lying around and you have nothing else to play them on. However, if you're like me and you like making your own mixtapes, then this unit can literally drive you up the wall! Simply because of the fact that after you've finished recording a song, it doesn't actually let you eject the CD you're using, nor does it allow you to select a song on it, until you literally press STOP on the tape deck - SO FRUSTRATING! I also like to leave a bit of space before I start taping, so, again, it was kind of irksome when I first got this thing and I put a CD on to record and it did it straight away. I also suggest you don't use the Music Port to record any audio because it certainly won't come out very well. Perhaps that's just common sense. Overall, it's decent enough for playback, just not so much for recording.
Good compact player.
Not many options for portable cassette players these days. Nice to find a quality brand like Panasonic have this model available . The usual problem with these cassette players is the belt drive for the cassette is the the weak link . I hope the life of this unit is better than most others I have owned .
nice sound ..rare to find one which plays cassettes
great to hear my old cassettes again......
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