Panasonic LR6EG/18B - EVOLTA AA 18pk

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  • Battery Type: AA

AA 18pk of EVOLTA premium batteries

Panasonic EVOLTA long-lasting batteries deliver exceptional performance in low, mid and high drain products, plus they are so energy-efficient you will save resources by using fewer batteries.

Taken from the words “evolution” and “voltage”, EVOLTA signifies growth and unprecedented power. Panasonic researchers and developers set out to create a premium battery that would afford more people convenience and comfort every day by offering incredible performance.

Advances in electro-chemistry, mechanical structure and manufacturing quality went into the making of EVOLTA premium batteries, including the use of new materials to extract more power and a new structure that drastically reduces the bulk of the gasket and can; providing more space for active ingredients.


Additional Information

Battery Type AA

Manufacturer Specs

Long-lasting alkaline battery
Powerful enough for all compatible electrical devices
Up to 7 year expiry date

Long-lasting alkaline battery: Yes
Powerful enough for all compatible electrical devices: Yes
Up to 7 year expiry date: Yes

Warranty Details

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