Innovative Networking products for Home and Business

NETGEAR makes it easy for you to have the smartest home in the neighbourhood, with the latest, fastest networking technology. Our range of easy-to-use products can help you stream movie night more often, watch almost anything on your tablet without buffering, check in on your home from your smartphone and store and protect all of your family’s memories.

WiFi 6 Routers

Upgrade your WiFi to first class – WiFi 6 allows more devices to connect and stream simultaneously, without impacting speed or reliability for all your connected devices now and in the future.

WiFi Routers

The wireless component of your home network. A router allows you to connect and send content from your modem to your devices wirelessly. It also allows you to share content between devices connected to the network.

DSL Modem Routers

An all in one solution that combines the modem and router in one box. Perfect for ADSL and VDSL connections.

Whole Home WiFi/Mesh

Orbi WiFi Systems create one WiFi network for you entire home that guarantees speed, coverage and connects more devices. Orbi delivers WiFi the way it should be – fast, reliable WiFi, without dead zones and lag whilst being easy to set up and use.

WiFi Range Extenders

Extends the range of the current network. Used as an addition to the initial home networking device. These devices work best when you have an optimum modem/modem router. Traditional and Mesh Extenders are now available.