Miele Vacuum Cleaners

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Miele almost makes your weekly chores pleasant with its line of sophisticated floor care appliances. Every Miele vacuum cleaner is designed to be the envy of those who haven’t yet bought one.

Some models even include the clever automatic function, which will detect the type of surface being cleaned and adjust suction accordingly, for optimal results with little input from you. Miele looks out for your convenience, but also for your health and comfort.

Miele vacuum handles are ergonomically designed and the good news is, you’ll never again have to bend while you vacuum, as certain Miele models possess One Touch Rewind. The cord will smoothly slide back inside the unit when you’re done your job, so you won’t have to physically do more than press a button. Once you’re ready to store your Miele vacuum until the next cleaning, you can do so easily, as all Miele vacuum cleaners are compact enough to fit almost anywhere.

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