Miele - G 6587 SCVi XXL K2O - 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Miele - G 6587 SCVi XXL K2O - 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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  • Finish/Colour: N/A
  • Place Settings: 15
  • Energy Rating: 3.5 Stars
  • Energy Consumption: 282 kWh/year
  • WELS Rating: 5 Stars
  • Water Consumption: 11 L/Wash
  • Wash Programs: 11
  • Display Type: 1-line text display


Get ready to be impressed by the latest innovation in Miele dishwashers: the incredible new Knock2Open feature allows you to achieve a totally handleless kitchen, as you open it simply by gently tapping twice on the door.

This taller, XXL model is designed to fit under higher worktops, and features the full range of clever Miele dishwasher functions and advanced energy-saving technology while still being exceptionally quiet. The fantastic FlexiTimer gives you complete control over start and finish times, as well as enabling you to programme in your energy tariff so that the dishwasher can choose the cheapest time to run a cycle. Its AutoClose door holds an In Door Salt container for easy access, and will automatically pop open at the end of a cycle to allow air in so that your dishes will dry on their own, saving you time.

For sparkling glassware, Perfect Glasscare monitors and adjusts the water hardness for a gentler clean, while Miele's popular 3D cutlery tray allows plenty of room for accommodating even bulky utensils such as ladles. With an 3.5 Stars energy rating, this dishwasher will help keep your household bills down thanks to advanced technology such as its clever AutoSensor, which monitors the cleanliness of the water to optimise water and detergent consumption, and its ThermoSave function, which allows you to connect the dishwasher up to a hot water supply to save as much as 40% in energy consumption. Stunning BrilliantLight interior illumination makes this dishwasher a striking focal point in any kitchen, and its noise levels are exceptionally low, meaning it won’t disturb the peace.

*Please note this appliance is supplied without a front panel and needs to be ordered separately. For illustration purposes only.

Integrated Dishwasher

Integrated Dishwasher

Appliance fronts and fascias are designed to take front panels to match kitchen furniture. Alternatively, front panels in stainless-steel with CleanSteel finish are also an option.



Not wizardry, just Miele: Knock2open turns a handleless kitchen design into a magical experience and at the same time provides the perfect solution for a handleless kitchen design. By tapping the front of the fully integrated Miele dishwasher twice, the door opens by about 10 cm completely automatically using a clever opening mechanism. A convenience you will enjoy every day.

Patented* 3D cutlery tray

Patented* 3D cutlery tray

An innovation from the inventor of the cutlery tray: Miele's intelligent 3D cutlery tray is height, width and depth adjustable so that it can be perfectly adapted to suit any load. This allows awkward items such as whisks and soup ladles to be accommodated and gently washed. Adjusting the side sections of the cutlery tray allows tall stemware to be held securely in the upper basket. No need to take the side sections of the drawer out!

Perfect GlassCare - the best care for your glasses

Perfect GlassCare - the best care for your glasses

Soft water assists thorough cleaning but is abrasive to glassware. Thanks to Miele GlassCare technology, the rinse water is automatically set to the correct hardness for the load, keeping your glasses beautiful for longer.



Load size and ambient temperature in the kitchen can affect the drying performance of a dishwasher. SensorDry ensures a perfect drying result in the Sensor wash programme, even in less than perfect conditions.


PremiumComfort Basket Design

• Height-adjustable upper basket / 3D cutlery tray

• Stainless steel handles embossed with the Miele logo

• MultiComfort zone in lower basket with removable hinged spikes

• Hinged row of spikes in the upper basket / Hinged cup racks / Height-adjustable rail for glassware in the upper basket

• 4 height-adjustable holders for glassware in lower basket / Hinged rail for glassware in lower basket / Hinged bottle holder in lower basket

Best sound emissions

Best sound emissions

Barely audible: sound emissions of 44 dB(A), yet constantly achieve perfect results.

Half load – less consumption

Half load – less consumption

With the automatic load sensor, Miele dishwashers automatically match the water and power consumption to the size of the load, so you don’t always have to wait for a full load.


FlexiTimer with EcoStart

The FlexiTimer with EcoStart will in future offer users three versions of the delay-start feature. Miele thereby offers customers maximum flexibility and convenience when launching programmes and the opportunity to cash in on off-peak electricity tariffs. This both protects the environment and saves money.



Water and electricity consumption plays a key role in consumers' minds, not only when purchasing machines but also when operating a dishwasher. With the EcoFeedback function, customers have their consumption in full view at all times. Using a bar indicator in the display, consumers are shown forecast water and electricity consumption when selecting a programme.


ThermoSave: electricity savings of up to 40 %

Thanks to ThermoSave all Miele dishwashers can be connected to a warm fill of up to 60°C. That reduces power consumption by up to 40% and the running time by up to 9%. Power consumption is reduced to 0.4 kWh in the Sensor wash gentle programme.

In-door salt container

In-door salt container

The patented salt container is located in the dishwasher door; it can be conveniently filled with the door halfopen and without having to bend down.



Thanks to the patented door controls, 4 power LEDs switch on gradually when the dishwasher door is opened. The 4 LEDs immerse the dishwasher interior in brilliant light. The area in front of the dishwasher is also well lit, significantly improving loading and unloading.

Dishwashing Programmes

Dishwashing Programmes

The G 6515 SCi XXL dishwasher comes with 11 washing programmes: ECO/Sensor wash/Intensive 75°C/Light soiling 55°C/Sensor wash gentle/Quick wash 40°C/Hygiene/SolarSave/Maintenance programme/Extra quiet 40 dB(A)

SolarSave programme

SolarSave programme

With the SolarSave option, Miele is offering the ideal programme for households with centrally heated water supplied by solar-thermal panels, a heat pump or gas/oil central heating. This programme uses only the heat provided by the incoming water supply. This achieves an unbeatably low electricity consumption of 0.05 kWh per cycle.

AutoOpen drying

AutoOpen Drying

The dishwasher door opens a fraction automatically at the end of a programme cycle. This allows fresh, dry air to enter the dishwasher, and even challenging items such as plastics and glassware are perfectly dried. Special air ducting protects the worktop from moisture.

Child safety, clear displays: simply safe!

Child safety, clear displays: simply safe!

The safety lock integrated into the handle protects against tampering, for example by small children. Clearly visible controls indicate salt or detergent shortage or when the programme has finished.

Waterproof system - peace of mind guaranteed

Waterproof system - peace of mind guaranteed

To protect against water damage, all Miele dishwashers are fitted with the Miele Waterproof system, which is guaranteed for the lifetime of the appliance*, if installed by qualified personnel.

*Equates to 7,500 programme cycles

German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage

German engineered

In Miele test laboratories, the appliances are constantly tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage. All products must pass stringent quality tests and meet required performance standards before they are approved for series production.

Miele products last longest of all domestic appliances. No other brand comes close to achieving such product longevity. Test duration for Miele dishwashers totals 7,500 programme cycles. This corresponds to a lifespan of 20 years.

Images are representative only.

Additional Information

Finish/Colour N/A
Place Settings 15
Energy Rating 3.5 Stars
Energy Consumption 282 kWh/year
WELS Rating 5 Stars
Water Consumption 11 L/Wash
Wash Programs 11
Display Type 1-line text display
Child Safety Lock Yes
Noise Level 44
Delay Timer Yes
Anti-Flood Protection Yes
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2 Years

Manufacturer Specs

In-door Salt Container
Sensor Wash Programme
3D Cutlery Tray
5.5 star WELS / 3.5 star energy

Warranty Details

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