Miele - ESW 6214 Obsidian Black - 14cm Warming Drawer

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  • SKU: ESW6214OB
  • Total Capacity: 6 place settings
  • Colour: Obsidian Black
  • Width (mm): 560
  • Height (mm): 593
  • Depth (mm): 555
  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 2

Perfect dining culture with Miele Gourmet warming drawers

The success of a sumptuous and sophisticated meal depends on many factors: fresh, high quality ingredients, carefully and gently prepared. A festive table. And an appealing presentation of the dishes – a treat for the eyes!

Several-course meals can be very challenging: how can the quality of cooked food be maintained while keeping it warm until it is served? Once served, how can rapid cooling of plated food be avoided? Miele Gourmet warming drawers – the perfect addition to your Miele built-in appliances.

Crockery can be pre-warmed in a warming drawer ready for serving when food is ready, without occupying the oven. Equally, dishes can be kept warm before serving without the food losing its quality. You and your guests can enjoy multi-course menus at your leisure without the loss of quality.

Miele Gourmet warming drawers have another talent: they are excellent for preparing food using the low-temperature function – a treat for every connoisseur.

Low-temperature cooking

Low-temperature cooking

Low temperature cooking is a professional cooking method to prepare prime-quality meat so that it remains tender, aromatic and succulent. Meat retains its aroma and nutrients to a great extent. The meat can be sliced straight after cooking.

Touch controls

Touch controls

All Miele gourmet warming drawers are controlled by controls under the flush glass fascia. For convenient use and the simplest cleaning.



All built-in food warming drawers feature a 4-hour timer. This allows you to enjoy your dishes without the need for worry or special attention. The drawer switches off automatically at the end of the programmed time.

Fully telescopic runners

Fully telescopic runners

Miele built-in drawers can be pulled out completely for easy loading and unloading. Thanks to the stable, smooth-running telescopic runners, the 29-cm high drawers have a load capacity of up to 25 kg.

Push2open mechanism

Push2open mechanism

Thanks to the push-to-open mechanism, the drawers are easy to open by hand or, if you do not have a hand free when carrying crockery, with your knee or elbow. The spring-mechanism ensures that the drawer opens wide, making loading and operating easy.

Individual temperature selection

Individual temperature

In Miele warming drawers you can customise the temperature within the temperature range of the chosen mode - depending on requirements and individual taste.

Four operating modes

Four operating modes

Miele Gourmet warming drawers offer four operating modes: warm cups and plates, keep food warm, and the slow cooking function. So you can easily use the warming drawer to suit your individual requirements.

Cool front

Cool front

Miele warming drawers are cooled on all sides. This keeps the user and handle areas cool to touch, as well as adjacent cabinetry. The design of the front ensures low temperaturs on the outside.

Safety switch-off

Safety switch-off

If the maximum operating time of 12 hours is exceeded, the warming drawer automatically switches off. Should you forget to switch off the appliance safety is ensured.

Miele Quality

Miele Quality

All Miele domestic appliances come with a free 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Miele will correct, free of charge, any defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years, subject to the terms of their Guarantee.

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Additional Information

Total Capacity 6 place settings
Colour Obsidian Black
Width (mm) 560
Height (mm) 593
Depth (mm) 555
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

Low-temperature cooking
Four operating modes
Convenient & simple
Touch controls
Timer with automatic switch-off

Crockery warming drawer: No
Food and crockery warming drawer: Yes

Glass control panel with sensor switches: Yes
Control panel with symbols: Yes
Handleless drawer: Yes

Pre-heated crockery: Yes
Keeping food warm: Yes
Low temperature cooking with fan heat for perfect results: Yes
Precise electronic temperature regulation from 40°C to 85°C: Yes

Cup warming: Yes
Plate warming: Yes
Food warming: Yes
Low temperature cooking: Yes

Fully telescopic drawer for easy loading and unloading: Yes
Push-to-Open mechanism: Yes
Self-closing with soft close mechanism: No
Programmable timer: Yes
Capacity: Place settings for 6 persons

Stainless Steel front with CleanSteel finish (CleanSteel appliances only): Yes
Flush touch display: Yes

Connection to coffee machine (optional kit required): Yes

Cool front: Yes
Anti-slip mat: Yes
Safety switch off: Yes

Total connected load in kW/Voltage in V: 0.7/220 – 240

Anti-slip mat: Yes
SousChef cook book: Yes
Rack to increase useable loading area: Yes

Colour: Obsidian Black

Warranty Details

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