Miele - DGC 7440 XL VitroLine Graphite Grey - Steam Combination Oven

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Generation 7000
  • SKU: DGC7440GRGR
  • Colour: Graphite Grey
  • Capacity: 48L
  • Cooking Functions: 24
  • Control Type: Touch
  • Display Type: DirectSensor
  • Number of shelves: 3
  • Width : 595

Miele Steam combination ovens

Offer gentle cooking with steam for better tasting, nutritious food.



Maximum enjoyment: the steam spreads evenly and rapidly – for perfect cooking results.

Stainless steel oven interior

Stainless steel oven interior

High-quality and easy to clean: our steam ovens all have a stainless steel oven interior.

Combination cooking

Combination cooking

Want food that is succulent inside, crispy outside? Combination cooking provides results entirely to your taste

3-in-1 principle

3-in-1 principle

A space-saving combination: oven mode, steam cooking and combination cooking for maximum flexibility!

Motorised lift-up control panel

Motorised lift-up control panel

Convenient: open and close the lift-up control panel with a tap of a finger to reveal the water container.

Mix & Match

Mix & Match

Delicious dishes made easy: cook different types of food at the same time with Mix & Match.

External steam generation

External steam generation

Steam generated outside the oven interior: food is cooked evenly and retains its colour.

Automatic keeping warm function

Automatic warm function

Prevents food from cooling down: food is automatically kept warm for 15 minutes after the programme has ended.

Quantity-independent cooking

Quantity-independent cooking

Always the same time: 100 g or 1 kg – the cooking time for the food stays the same.

Large range of applications

Large range of applications

Whatever you need: our steam ovens offer a wide range of application options.

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Additional Information

Colour Graphite Grey
Capacity 48L
Cooking Functions 24
Control Type Touch
Display Type DirectSensor
Number of shelves 3
Width 595
Height 456
Depth 572

Manufacturer Specs

48L capacity
Rapid heat-up
Climate sensor
Automatic programmes
Stainless steel oven compartment
[email protected]
[email protected]

Combi steam oven: Yes
Design line: VitroLine
Colour: Graphite Grey

Rapid heat-up: Yes
Pre-heat: Yes
External steam generation: Yes
Climate sensor: Yes
Individual humidity settings in combination cooking: Yes
Menu cooking without transfer of flavours: Yes
Prepare plated meals with “Mix & Match” app function: Yes
Automatic programmes with ability to make individual adjustments: Yes
Keeping warm: Yes
Crisp function: Yes

Defrost: Yes
Automatic programmes: Yes
Country-specific automatic programmes: Yes
Combination cooking: Yes
Combination cooking with Fan plus: Yes
Combination cooking with Conventional heat: Yes
Combination cooking with Full grill: Yes
Steam cooking: Yes
Sous-vide: Yes
Reheating: Yes
Roast with moisture: Yes
Grill: Yes
Economy grill: Yes
Fan plus: Yes
Intensive bake: Yes
Cake plus: Yes
Conventional heat: Yes
Top heat: Yes
Bottom heat: Yes
Fan grill: Yes
Eco Fan plus: Yes
Plate warming: Yes
Eco steam cooking: Yes
Special applications: Yes

Display: DirectSensor
SoftOpen: Yes
SoftClose: Yes
MultiLingual: Yes
Motorised opening and closing lift-up fascia panel: Yes
Quantity-independent cooking: Yes
Steam cooking on up to 3 levels at the same time: Yes
Menu cooking with steam: Yes
Steam reduction before end of programme: Yes
Time display: Yes
Date display: Yes
Minute minder: Yes
Programmable start of cooking duration: Yes
Programmable end of cooking duration: Yes
Programmable cooking duration: Yes
Actual temperature display: Yes
Desired temperature display: Yes
Audible signal when desired temperature is reached: Yes
Recommended temperature: Yes
User programmes: 20
Sabbath programme: Yes
Individual settings: Yes

Stainless steel oven compartment with linen structure and PerfectClean finish: Yes
Hinged grill element: Yes
External steam generator: Yes
Floor heater for condensate reduction: Yes
Soak maintenance programme: Yes
Rinse maintenance programme: Yes
Oven compartment drying programme: Yes
Quick-release side racks: Yes
Removable side racks: Yes
Automatic descaling: Yes
CleanGlass door: Yes

DualSteam: Yes
Water reserve for approx. 90 minutes of cooking: Yes
Fresh water container: Yes
Condensate container behind motorised fascia panel: Yes
Drain filter: Yes

[email protected]: Yes
MobileControl: Yes
[email protected]: Yes

Appliance cooling system and touch-cool front: Yes
Safety switch-off: Yes
System lock: Yes
Vapour cooling system: Yes
Sensor lock: Yes

XL oven compartment: Yes
Oven compartment volume in l: 48
No. of shelf levels: 3
Shelf level labelling: Yes
Door hinge Bottom: Yes
Oven light: BrilliantLight
Oven temperature regulation in °C: 30-225
Steam oven temperature regulation in °C: 40-100

Universal tray with PerfectClean: 1
Wire rack with PerfectClean: 1
Removable side racks with PerfectClean: 1 pair
Perforated stainless steel cooking containers: 1
Solid stainless steel cooking containers: 1
Descaling tablets: 2

Warranty Details

All Miele domestic appliances come with a free 2-year parts and labour warranty. Miele will correct, free of charge, any defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years, subject to the terms of our Guarantee.

Online Warranty Registration

What's in the Box?

• Universal tray with PerfectClean x 1

• Solid stainless steel cooking containers x 1

• Perforated stainless steel cooking container x 1