LG TV Wall Mounts & Cabinets

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Have a viewing experience like no other with an LG wall mount. Mounting your television to the wall is at the height of contemporary and modern design; it not only shows off your sleek and stunning LG television, but also gives you the look and feel of a cinematic viewing experience.

There will be no need for a large, bulky entertainment cabinet in your living room. LG wall mounts are specially designed to keep your TV safe and secure against the wall, leaving a more spacious feel in the entire room. A slim, yet sturdy design also ensures that none of the stand is protruding or visible from front view for a sleek and tidy living space.

The slim LG adjustable wall bracket is perfect for mounting the 2016 LG OLED TV model. Combine this set up with an LG sound bar system, such as the LG SK8Y High Resolution Soundbar for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Discover how you can make your living room as good as the cinema, so you never have to leave the house! Shop the entire range of LG wall mounts online at Bing Lee today!

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