LG Bluetooth Speakers

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If you host a lot of parties, you know that atmosphere is everything. And atmosphere starts with good music. Just as track selection contributes to the desired vibe, quality of sound is of utmost importance. That’s why you’ll love LG’s iPhone Docs.

Now, you can seamlessly share your favourite tracks with your guests, right from your mobile. LG’s iPhone docks make for stylish additions to any home, but they’ll do so much more than enhance the settings: they’ll deliver flawless sound, so it’ll feel as if you were at the artist’s concert in the front row.

Some models are even Airplay compatible; Airplay is an Apple app designed to stream content from other Apple devices to your HD TV, which can be extremely handy. Naturally, iPhone docks are also compatible with iPods, so regardless of your music source, you’ll have people talking about your parties for weeks after the fact.

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