LG Twin Washing Machines

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LG are all about making your life easy and nothing is easier than getting two loads of washing done at once! For all washing challenges, big and small, simply divide and conquer with LG twin washing machines.

LG understand how busy life can be so they’ve created a washing machine that saves time. Cut down your overall laundry chores and wash two loads at once. Separate your lightly soiled garments from your heavier loads and wash each on the wash cycle that best suits their cleaning needs. For added convenience, LG twin washers also wash and dry your washing loads. The front load unit of your twin washer combines a 16kg washer with a 9kg dryer so you can complete your loads from start to finish using one unique appliance.

Discover a convenient, time saving washing machine that will change your life. With a host of innovative technologies and features, you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Shop LG top load washing machines and start living a happier life with LG today.

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