LG Front Load Washing Machines

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LG front load washing machines are quiet, reliable and easy to use so you can spend more time enjoying life. Engineered with a host of innovative features, LG washing machines are powerful and energy efficient.

With turbo clean functionality, LG front load washers use short bursts of water spray to help deliver quicker wash times, by reducing the number of rinse cycles. LG is all about making your life easier - simply pause your wash cycle anytime before the spin cycle starts so you can add items of clothing as you need. With a direct drive motor, your LG front loader also has less moving parts, less vibrations and more durability, making for a quieter, more reliable wash process. Not only will you get your washing done faster, you’ll also discover the best clean ever. With wash cycles that use a variety of washing techniques such as stepping, scrubbing, tumbling and filtration, your loads will get the deep clean they deserve.

If you need to replace, upgrade or buy a new washing machine, then look no further than LG front load washers from Bing Lee. Shop LG washing machines online or in-store today.

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