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Seasons change, and with them, the need for extra warmth or cooling in your home. But one thing remains constant when you purchase an LG split system air conditioner: the assurance that your apartment or house will always be at the right temperature, regardless of what the weather’s like outside.

LG’s air conditioners are designed to provide the highest quality service with as little input as possible on your end, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your day. These LG split system models boast incredible features for seamless operation, including Auto Cleaning Mode, optimized 4-way airflow and a remote control to adjust the settings you need without having to touch the air conditioner itself.

An Allergy Reduction Filter is also available, which helps eliminate impurities in the air. Just as importantly, LG’s split system air conditioners successfully operate within the range of -10 to 48 degrees Celsius, so wherever you are in Australia, you’re covered!

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