LG Bottom Mount Fridges

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LG fridges combine stunning good looks on the outside with innovative storage ideas on the inside. Fridges are the heart of any kitchen, which is why LG provide a variety of sleek bottom mount fridges to suit every Australian home.

LG’s selection of bottom mount fridges are compact and spacious all in one. The contemporary designs fit perfectly into the modern home, while providing spacious storage ideas to make storing your food simple and easy. LG bottom mount fridges use multi air flow technology to circulate air through multiple strategically placed vents to ensure an equal amount if chilled air reaches each shelf and corner for uniform cooling. Digital temperature sensors also monitor both internal and external temperatures to maintain food quality and ensure consistency all year round.

Discover higher quality, longer lasting food with state of the art fridges from LG. Shop the extensive range of bottom mount fridges online today and discover the LG difference.

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