LG Freestanding Dishwashers

LG proves that your dishwasher doesn’t have to be bulky or unattractive. In fact, with a little help from LG, your dishwasher can be the star of the kitchen, with a sleek, minimalist design. LG focuses on creating models that will fit right into your lifestyle, as they vary in size and the features they host.

But LG has thought of everything, so you’ll be able to wash more dishes more thoroughly each load, saving your time and energy. You’ll be able to accommodate up to 14 place settings per cycle, thanks to LG’s slim inverter direct drive motor, which creates more storage space inside the model.

Therefore, LG dishwashers provide the perfect solution if you often need to wash large or oddly shaped dishes. But the big dishes aren’t always the trickiest. Finding the optimal location for cutlery and smaller objects can present a challenge, so LG created a 3rd height adjustable rack, specifically to protect these items.

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