LG - LT800P - Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

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LG Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter (LT800P)

Changing your water filter is important and LG makes it easy. Keep your water tasting super clean with the LG LT800P. This 6 month/ 200 gallon capacity refrigerator water filter filters chlorine taste and odor while also removing harmful particulates. It is designed for easy horizontal installation and provides you and your family with cleaner, fresher water and ice. As a genuine LG part, this replacement refrigerator water filter delivers a high performance quality filtration system that you can count on.

Fresh Water Simply Tastes Better

Keeping your refrigerator in tip top shape with a brand new water filter is a smart move. By changing your LT800P/ LT800PC water filter on a regular basis, you'll continue to reduce contaminates such as iron, particulates and chlorine in your drinking water and ice cubes. You'll notice the difference.

The Right Time to Change

Your filter performance will depend on how much you use it and on the water source quality, but a good rule of thumb is that it should be changed sometime between 3 and 6 months, at the most, or as specified by the manufacturer. When you reset the filter indicator on your control panel, it will start counting 6 months from the day you changed your filter. Always change your filter when the indicator reaches 0. If ice and water do not taste good, you may want to change your filter earlier. Keep an eye on the water flow. Lower water flow may indicate that your filter is becoming clogged with particles and it's time to change. With time you'll learn what best works for you. If your water and ice consumption is large, you may want to change your filter every 3 months.


Additional Information

SKU ADQ73613401

Manufacturer Specs

6 Month / 750 Litre Capacity
Filters chlorine taste and odor
Removes harmful particulates
Horizontal Installation
Reduces contaminate on water & ice

Type: Horizontal
Capacity: 6 Months / 750 Litre
Packing Type: Standard
Replacement Part #: ADQ73613401

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