LG CordZero - A9ADVANCED - Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Bag Type: Bagless
  • Total Capacity: 0.44L
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Run Time : 40
  • Charge Time: 210
  • Filter: 3 (Pre-Filter, Mesh, Fine Dust Exhaust)
  • Wet Vacuum: No


Clean every area of your home without restriction - with LG's convenient cordless stick vacuum that offers a light, compact space-saving design empowered by long-lasting battery life and powerful suction



AEROSCIENCE is the name given to LG’s air flow vacuum technology that utilises powerful mini whirlwinds of air to separate out dust particles. The LG Inverter Motor rotates at high speed, creating rapid air flow inside the vacuums cyclone chambers.

Thumb Touch Control

Thumb Touch Control

On, Off and power levels including ‘Turbo’ mode are easy to select with the touch of a thumb.

Quick and Easy Battery Change

Quick and Easy Battery Change

The interchangeable and rechargeable batteries are easy to swap. Simply push the buttons on both sides and slip the battery in or out.

Power Drive Nozzle™

Power Drive Nozzle™

The direct drive motor inside the Power Drive Nozzle™ rotates the roller while vacuuming to help provide effective particle pick up.

Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable

The telescopic pipe is adjustable to 4 different lengths for added versatility and the Opti-balanced Handle™ has been ergonomically designed to provide comfort and reduce muscle effort while vacuuming.

5 Step Filtration System

5 Step Filtration System

The air filtration system can remove the majority of dust particles from household surfaces down to 2.5 microns in size. Larger particles are separated in steps 1-3 and deposited in the dust bin, while finer dust is filtered and captured in steps 4-5.

Removable and Washable Filters

Removable and Washable Filters

Easily maintain your vacuum by removing and washing your filters. Over time, dirt builds up on the filters inside your vacuum. The metal filter, cloth pre-filter and fine dust filter can all be removed and washed in water to clean dirt away. Leave the filters to completely dry before placing them back in the vacuum.

Charging and Storage Options

Charging and Storage Options

The CordZero handstick can be stored easily and neatly in your house in three different ways: Wall-mount mode, Floor-standing mode* and Compact mode.

*Floor-standing mode available with A9ULTIMATE, A9ADVANCED, A9MASTER2X, A9MULTI2X, A9PETNBED2X, A9ESSENTIAL and A9SINGLE models.

Charging and Storage Options

Cleaning Versatility and Accessories

The CordZero can be used with a variety of cleaning attachments like the Combination Tool and Crevice Tool to make getting into all those hard to reach places a breeze.

Included accessories: Hard Floor Power Drive Nozzle®, Multi-Surface Power Drive Nozzle®, Motorised Bedding Punch, Combination tool, Crevice tool, Total Care Kit.

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Additional Information

Bag Type Bagless
Total Capacity 0.44L
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Run Time 40
Charge Time 210
Filter 3 (Pre-Filter, Mesh, Fine Dust Exhaust)
Wet Vacuum No
Width (mm) 260
Height (mm) 1120
Depth (mm) 270
Weight (kg) 2.7 (Incl. Multi-Surface Nozzle)
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

Power Drive Nozzle™
One Touch Control
5 Step Filtration System
Dual PowerPack™
Up To 80min Run Time
3 Ways to Store and Charge

Vacuum Type: Cordless Handstick Vacuum
Colour: Wine

Type: Lithium Ion
Number of batteries: 2
Capacity / Voltage: 25.55V
Run Time: Normal Mode: Without Power Drive Nozzle: Up to 40 minutes per battery; With Power Drive Nozzle: Up to 30 minutes per battery; Power Mode: Up to 9 minutes per battery; Turbo Mode: Up to 6 minutes per battery
Charge Time: 3.5 Hours per Battery

Noise: 86db (Turbo Mode)
Dust Bin Capacity: 0.44L
Maximum Suction Power: Up to 140W (in Turbo Mode)

Control Type: Thumb Touch Control
Height Adjustability: Adjustable telescopic pipe
Charging Indicator: Yes
Battery Remaining Indicator: Yes
Smart Inverter Motor: Yes

Included Accessories: Multi-Surface Nozzle, Hard Floor Nozzle, Bedding Power Punch Nozzle, Combination Tool, Crevice Tool, Mattress Tool, 2x Batteries, Charging Station (Wall Mount/Floor Standing/Compact Mode)

Warranty Details

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What's in the Box?

• A9ADVANCED Corzero Vacuum Cleaner

• 2 x LG PowerPack™ lithium-ion battery

• 1 x Charging Station (Standing/Wall Mount /Compact Mode)

• 1 x Hard Floor Power Drive Nozzle®

• 1 x Multi-Surface Power Drive Nozzle®

• 1 x Bedding Power Punch

• 1 x Combination tool

• 1 x Crevice tool

• 1 x Total Care Kit

• 1 x Spare Pre-Filer (Green)

• 1 x Power Drive Holder


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