Feed you Imagination

At Kenwood we take delight in the joy that comes from preparing and cooking good food, from tailoring a recipe, to enjoying mealtimes with family and friends. We understand that the journey is as important as the destination. It's what sits at the heart of all Kenwood products - getting involved, being part of the action, and making people joyful.

Kenwood Kitchen Machines

Kenwood Kitchen Machines unique design allows your mixer to be one of the most versatile appliances you will ever own. Kenwood's unrivalled range of attachments allows you to tailor your machine to suit your individual tastes - making Kenwood the perfect choice for home cooks.

Kenwood Food Processors

With a Kenwood Food Processor it's never been easier to realise your culinary visions. Stylish, safe and durable. Kenwood Food Processors help you create food that tastes and look incredible.

From silky soups to chunk pasta sauces, you'll be more than prepared with the variety of attachments that come with our food processors. The variable speeds and pulse feature offer you greater control over your creations. Get precise results every time, while ensuring minimal waste.

Kenwood Hand Blenders

The Kenwood Hand Blender gives the power to be healthier.

Develop your culinary skills with a Kenwood Triblade System Hand Blender. The Triblade Technology makes light work of even the toughest ingredients with the three specially-designed angled blades. So you can enjoy more time whipping up exciting new creations, from fluffy meringues to smooth potato mash.


Open up another world of meal creation with our range of kitchen machine attachments. Blend, slice, dice, mince, grate, mill – the choice is yours.