Husky Fridges

In over 50 years, Husky has evolved from servicing refrigeration units in north-west England to becoming a leader in the manufacture and development of world class refrigeration and drink storage solutions. Still to this day, Husky is a family run business with strong loyalty and principles. We are proud to export our products all over the world including Europe, North America, South-East Asia and Oceania. We strive to make products which are not only stylish and reliable but are designed with energy efficiency in mind, in order to have as little impact on the environment as possible and save energy costs. Buy with confidence from a trusted brand knowing that the design and manufacture of every Husky fridge is managed by a team of qualified professionals.

Husky Bar Fridges

The Back Bar ranges feature heavy duty functionality and styling in a range of sizes, finishes and specifications. This makes them ideal for installation in outdoor alfresco areas of Australian homes as well as in restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs. The Glass Door and Retro Style Bar Fridges offer contrasting styles, both designed for indoor usage with high levels of energy efficiency helping to reduce emissions and energy costs.

Husky Wine Fridges

In order to preserve the true flavour of your wine, both red and white wines should be stored between 12-14ºC. There should be no vibration in the racks, no excessive UV light and a controlled humidity level. All these things are hard to control in the open air. This is where the Husky Vino Pro Wine Cabinet range excels, allowing you to control all these aspects as well as chill your wine to the ideal serving temperature.