Honeywell - 2.9 kW Portable Air Conditioner - Cooling Only - MN10CES

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  • SKU: MN10CES
  • Fan Speeds: 3
  • Timer: Yes
  • Display: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Window Kit: Yes (Included)
  • Manufacturer Warranty (Years): 2

Honeywell MN10CES Portable Air Conditioner, 10,000 BTU Cooling

Quietly cool the air with the sleek Honeywell MN10CES Portable Air Conditioner which not only cools but also dehumidifies the air. Each feature can be easily operated with the remote control. The Auto-Evaporation System allows for hours of continuous operation with no water to drain. This model comes with everything needed including an easy-to-install window venting kit. The window vent can be removed when the unit is not in use.

*All specifications mentioned are under test conditions, actual performance depends on ambient conditions.



They are compact, easy to operate and come in designs to suit any décor. The patented auto evaporation system filters, dehumidifies and cools the air and a flexible hose sends the heat to the outside through a window or other outlet, eliminating the need for a drainage tank.

Installation of the flexible hose is easy. Then just plug in the unit and you’re ready to stay cool.



A portable air conditioner is a freestanding cooling appliance designed to cool the air in a single room or moderately sized space. When air is cooled, moisture is removed from the air and hot air is exhausted. Some portable air conditioners discharge water into buckets that need to be emptied periodically. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners automatically evaporate moisture and the hot air, which are directed out of the cooled space using a hot air discharge or exhaust hose.

Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners use an energy efficient R410-A refrigerant compressor, condenser and evaporator which are housed in a compact unit. The air is filtered, dehumidified and cooled using air to exchange heat, in much the same way a car or typical house air conditioner operate.

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Additional Information

Fan Speeds 3
Timer Yes
Display Yes
Remote Control Yes
Window Kit Yes (Included)
Manufacturer Warranty (Years) 2

Manufacturer Specs

294m3/hr (10,000 BTU) Air Flow
38.4L/Day Dehumidification Capacity
1-24hr Automatic Turn On/Shutoff Timer
50dBA Noise Level
3 Fan Speeds
Auto Evaporation System
Feather Touch Controls
Digital LED Display
61°F - 90°F (16°C - 32°C) Adjustable Temperature
Single Hose
R410A Refrigerant
All Installation Accessories Included

Warranty Details

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Good Quality Portable Air Con
I absolutely love my portable air con, it’s icy cold and it really isn’t that noisy like most reviews have mentioned.
Its good how it can be wheeled from one room to the next, the window kit was easy to instal only thing is, is that it didn’t reach my window in height, but it’s still good I just used an alternative which did the job.
I’m very happy with a Honeywell and I will be buying the next size up next summer.
The remote is handy too.
I highly recommend this air con it won’t disappoint you!!!
For the price of the unit I thought it would be perfect for my small room. It struggles to get below 22 degrees when the outside temp is arround the 30s but at night when it cools down it can push out 16 fine. If I had my choice again I would spend the extra $$ and get the bigger version of this one. But still defiantly a big improvement from previous ones I have brought.
Horrible Experience
Bought 2.9kw for 100 square feet room. (It says it can cool upto 350sq ft)Set temperature at the minimum, but the machine didnt went below 31 degrees (outside temperature is 36 degrees). Its working, there is cooling if you stand infront of it. But, its not supposed to work as a fan, but its an aircon. The room was so hot even after running it for 6-7 hours. I dont understand what is the use of it. 700 dollar price tag too.
Love HoneyWell
After reading the reviews online I decided to go with this air con for my medium size bedroom.
And the results are amazing it cools it down instantly,
Its not really that noisy compared to a split system as like the reviews said, so I will now be able to get some sleep comfortably without feeling hot.
I highly recommend this brand and model from Bing Lee, installation was a breeze although the window kit was a bit short for my window, But overall I’m very happy with my air con and I will be buying more of this brand and model for my kids rooms.
Bing Lee is the best store ever :)
I give 5 stars all round :) :) :)
Honeywell 2.9kw great aircon portable
I bought 2 of these units and they are great I only have it on low it gets very cool haven't needed to go higher even in this hot weather I definitely recommend this product I am going to buy another one
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