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When it comes to washing machines their working is pretty simple. They basically are a form of clothes tub which when filled with water and appropriate detergent simulate aggression to clean the clothes and their spinning action wrings the water out of the clothes after washing. While the working of washing machines is pretty simple, making a choice on what suits you may not be so simple. There is a wide variety of washers with varied features each with advantages and low points. As a result there is no standard best machine in the market as this ultimately depends on the user preferences and budget.


To get the best washing machine for your need you have to be aware of the various types in the market. There are two ways to classify the kinds of washing machines in the market. There are semi-automatic machines or fully automatic washing machines. There are also top loader machines or front loader washing machines. Semi-automatic washing machines come with the advantage of being the cheapest in the market. They also do not need a permanent water connection and thus have greater saving on water. The downside is that they require your intervention first in shifting the clothes and making settings. Since they come with two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying, they require more space. Automatic washing machine units on the other hand come with the advantage of being more compact and not requiring your manual intervention.


Top loaders washing machines are so named because they allow you to fit the clothes in the tub vertically hence you do not have to bend down. They are the more popular type especially at home. They have several advantages including the fact that you can add clothes even in a middle of a washing cycle. They also use a wide variety of detergents and bleaches. They are also cheaper than the front loaders.


It is always best to go for larger washtubs. This answers your need when placing more clothing into each load. It also saves time and energy.


Compared to front loader washing machine, top load washers are cheaper. When you choose wisely it could mean doing laundry easier. The best top load washers include special features aside from the basic wash cycles. Look into specialty wash cycles and notable advanced features.


Energy-saving units are more preferable as consumers adapt to greener lifestyle. Many companies have also added energy-efficient features on their products. Look into eco-friendly wash cycles aside from energy ratings.

To decide what suits you, measure them up according to your budget both on the short and long term. Consider your volume of laundry and the quality you need. Aside from that you should check the, durability and additional features that come with each machine before making your selection.


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