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Front Load Washer

How To Select The Right Front Load Washer

Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine

With so many varieties of front load washing machines in the market, choosing the right one can be a challenging task. However, with good information on different features on various models, you can hardly make a wrong choice. Although recommendations also work well, it is still very important to do your own research on the model that you have been referred to. It may seem fairly easy to select the best washing machine, but unfortunately there are some specifics that you may not have thought about that you need to know. Here is a good guide to help you buy a washing machine:

Miele Front Loader Washer

Drum size

The capacity of a washing machine is one of the most important aspects that you should never forget to check. Capacity is stated as the total weight of dry washings that can be loaded in the machine. Different front load washers have different capacities, if it is for a small home a 7kg can just suffice. However, there are others of bigger capacities such as 8kg, 8.5kg and 10kg.

Spin speed

The spinning speed of a machine is also a key factor to consider before making a purchase. The speed per minute of your front load washing machine will dictate the dryness of your clothes at the end of the process and how long you will take to have your clothes cleaned. Spin speed vary in different machines, there are those that can spin with a range of 400-1100RPM, others can go beyond this. It all depends what you want; you can even go for one that spins beyond 1600 RPM depending on your budget.

Electrolux Front Loader Washing Machine

Wash mode

It is also very important to pay a keen attention on the wash cycle on your front load washer. There are those that are specifically for woolen garments and those for silk (silk mode), however if you have many delicate fabrics, it is very important to have a hand wash mode to save you from lots of manual work. Some models have anti-creasing setting or easy-iron setting; this is a very good feature as it makes easy the task of ironing after washing.

Beko Front Loader Washing Machine

Water and energy efficiency

Although front loader washing machines are generally accepted as the most efficient washing machines in water and energy consumption, it is very good to buy one that will take all your clothes in few cycles. This will greatly help you save more on energy and water. When your front loader washing machine is making few cycles to clean all your clothes, is means it will consume low amount of electricity and use few liters of water.

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