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Wall Ovens

Things To Consider When Buying A Wall Oven

A great way to keep efficiency in your kitchen is to replace your range with a built-in wall oven. Cabinets are usually built above and below the oven to have space to store your cookware, as well as more room to maneuver in your kitchen. When it comes to choosing the right wall oven you want to keep some things in mind.

Omega Wall Oven

Since the oven is going to be built in, careful measuring of the location is critical. Wall oven can be purchased in 24, 27, or 40-inch widths. The height of the oven will depend on whether it is a single or a double oven. The next question to ask yourself is, "Should I get gas or electric?".

Gas ovens require a natural gas or liquid propane connection. Because of this, you'll be limited in your choices of sizes and manufacturers for this type of oven. Electric ovens require a 230/240 volt connection. These ovens give you more flexibility in style, and are most commonly available in 27 and 30-inch widths.

Cooking and Cleaning Features

Westinghouse Wall Oven

Although space and fuel source are major aspects of purchasing a wall oven, a unit's cooking and cleaning features are just as important. One of the most popular cooking type of ovens is a convection oven. A convection oven uses a fan to circulate hot air around your food, cooking your food more evenly. You also want to look at self cleaning ovens. A self cleaning oven bakes spills into an ash that can easily be wiped away. These units are usually slightly more expensive, but they eliminate the task of cleaning the oven manually. However, keep in mind that due to expansion and contraction of material, after time extensive self cleaning may affect the quality of your unit. Another large feature of wall ovens is a nice, clear window. Along with the oven light, it allows you to check in on the cooking process without opening the door. Checking the internal oven size is also an important factor to remember. An oven with 5,6 or 7 oven racks allows you to bake more than one dish at a time.

After deciding on the more critical option, you can begin to look for other features that go along with your personal preferences and tastes.

Delonghi Wall Oven

Hidden Bake Element

The purpose of the hidden bake element is to make the unit easier to clean by concealing the baking element (usually a coil) outside of the main cooking area.

Safety Lock

For those with little ones, the safety lock feature keeps the oven door closed, unless it is turned off.

Delay Start

Sometimes called a timer or auto-timer, the delay start begins the cooking cycle on a programmed schedule. Convenient for starting a dinner before you get home from work.

Built-in Microwave

Bosch Wall Oven

This is a pretty self explanatory feature. Some wall ovens will add an additional microwave unit. Be careful, these units can take up extra space.

Warming Drawer

The warming drawer allows you to keep a cooked dish warm while you use the oven for another dish. This can come in handy for big meals.

Your oven becomes a big part of your home life, so finding one that fits 'you' is very important.

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