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How to Select The Right Microwave Oven

A microwave oven serves a very important role in the kitchen. It helps in preparing various dishes and warming leftovers. And apart from saving time when cooking, it is also a great way that one can use to lower the cooking expenses. When you eat the leftovers or prepare something light, you are actually saving a significant portion of your money. Despite of the many benefits of owning a microwave oven, if not chosen carefully, it can actually turn out to be another way of losing your cash due to its inefficiency. Here is a guide to choosing the right microwave oven:

The size of the microwave

Before buying a microwave, it is very important to know the right size that will perfectly suit your family. Don’t go for a bigger one if you only cook small amount of dish- this will only make you spend much on electricity. Microwaves range from 0.8 cubic feet to 1.2 cubic feet, therefore ask the expert on the size that will serve you with minimum watt wastage. The bigger the size of the microwave oven the higher the wattages!


Microwave ovens consume varying amount of watts. When buying look for one that will consume few watts but still function efficiently. Generally, wattage range between 500 to 1000 watts. Always check at the sticker behind the microwave oven to see the wattage of your desired model. A programmable microwave with variable setting can also help save the amount of energy used. You can set the amount of temperature that you want the microwave to cook your food with.


It is very important to consider purchasing a microwave oven with a turntable. A turntable rotates on its own allowing the food to be fully and well cooked. Unlike some of the traditional models that you had to switch off to turn the plate, the turntable simplifies everything- just place the food, turn on and the table will rotate automatically.

The material used

The material used on the microwave oven dictates how clean it will be in your kitchen. Stainless steel is more advisable because it is easy to clean and does not rust. Another good thing about stainless steel is that the material is scratch-resistant and its luster synchronizes with any décor. All in all, it is very important to clean your microwave to increase its life span and efficiency. Microwaves without door handle are relatively easy to clean! Also consider one that has a nonstick interior as it will ease your task when cleaning.


How safe is the microwave oven? Buy a microwave oven that is not only safe to you but also to the entire family. Most children do not know how to operate microwave ovens, therefore to keep them off danger, buy one with a child lock. This will prevent the child from trying to operate it even in your absence. There are also microwave ovens that are fitted with sensors. These are also highly recommendable because they do not only avoid wastage of power, but also prevent fire outbreak. Sensors switch the microwave oven off automatically when there is no food on the turntable.

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