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Samsung Microwave

Microwave Oven Guide

When it comes to microwave ovens, there is a lot on offer in the market. Microwaves are generally fast changing products as advances occur in technology. Shopping for the best microwave can therefore be a confusing process for some. Here are some tips you can use.


For those who wish to use a microwave oven for both oven and open cooking, there are currently two products available at binglee.com.au, with ovens and open cook-tops. These especially apply to persons moving into a house for the first time, and thus they do not already have an electric or gas cooker tucked somewhere. So the microwave can serve the dual purpose of making those fries and baking those cookies or warming the food. The microwaves currently available in this range at binglee.com.au are: Artusi: AOMK1 and the Euromaid MC130T. Their difference in price is negligible and they have both been proven to work well. Nevertheless, the Euromaid has received more positive feedbacks even though it costs a few dollars more.

Sharp Microwave

Design and Reliability

For those who only wish for a microwave oven without the cook-top, there is a wide variety to choose from, with ranging price differences. Most of the microwaves come with sleek designs and smooth finishes that highly enhance their overall aesthetic value. It is important to consider what the microwave will add to the overall appearance of your kitchen, or wherever else you will place it. Most of the designs come in many different colors and so that aspect should not be a problem. For those who have a sharp eye for design, Westinghouse, Sharp, Samsung, LG and Panasonic do have some exquisite ones. It is all a matter of taste really.

Price and Size

LG Microwave

The price guide for microwave products is under $100 for the cheapest to over $1,000 for the dearest. There is also a variation in sizes, though the smallest is not necessarily the cheapest. The price is determined more by customer demand and the technology put into the product. However, the appeal of the product may also determine how expensive it is in the market. On matters of size, what matters most is the microwave that can fit snugly into your available space. Some customers are also quite particular about portability, since they intend to carry the microwave around. In such a case, make sure you go not just for the smaller ones, but the lighter ones as well. Another consideration is the sturdiness of the design. You certainly do not want a very brittle appliance that will fall apart in transit. It is possible to tell by looking at the material used. Too much exposed glass for instance, may not be the best choice.

Panasonic Microwave

Cleanliness Maintenance

It is generally easy to clean all the available brands in order to keep them hygienic. However, microwaves with digital control panels are easier to keep clean than those with protruding dials. The latter have tight spaces that may gather dirt and dust. It is generally advisable to go for the knob-less types.

Here are three common types of microwave ovens:


The conventional microwave oven offers the most basic heating feature, ideal for heating or reheating, baking and defrosting items. Unlike regular ovens, microwave ovens heat food with the use of radio-waves or microwaves. These waves are absorbed by the water, fats and sugars in the food, which in turn, heats it up.

Conventional microwave ovens are recommended for home use only, where usage does not usually exceed 15 minutes of continuous use. If you’re looking for microwave ovens with the most basic features, this is your best pick.


Convection microwaves combine the heating elements of both a conventional microwave oven and a convection oven to allow you to brown, roast or grill food. They come with a built-in fan to circulate air inside the oven for more even heating compared to conventional microwave ovens.

Convection microwave ovens are best for those who are looking for microwave ovens which can do more than just defrosting or heating up food. Convection microwave ovens may come with options where you can use either or both microwave and convection features simultaneously. They are ideal for grilling, roasting, baking brownies and making food crispier inside and out. They may not be, however, recommended for making cakes and similar pastries.


Panasonic Steam Microwave

A healthier alternative to the conventional microwave oven, a steam microwave oven comes with a built-in steam cooking feature, which allows you to heat food without compromising the texture, moisture and color of the food. Through steaming, food like vegetables are able to retain more than 90% of its vitamin content, compared to other cooking and heating options.

As microwave steam ovens heat food faster than regular steam ovens, they are the best option for those who may want dim sum or dumplings on the go. They’re also a great choice for those who are looking for healthier alternatives to regular microwave ovens. Microwave ovens, too, can come in 2 styles:

Counter top

Compact and affordable, is the most common option among households. They can be placed on any flat and stable surfaces, provided that they allow free air circulation around the appliance.


In-built ovens are custom-installed to fit a kitchen cabinet or a compatible cooktop. These allow you to maintain the stylish décor of your kitchen intact.