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Top Mount Fridges


Top mount refrigerators are very common and consist of a top compartment for the freezer and a lower compartment for the refrigerator. These are great for smaller families that don't need a separate refrigerator and freezer and don't have a reasonable amount of food on hand.


The top mount refrigerator design has typically been the most popular for household use. These are some of the most economical value rich units out available. The only drawback to this design is that often children and shorter users cannot reach the rear of the freezer section. There are a variety of features unique to each model so make sure you know what's available to select the perfect fridge for your needs.


Many units provide a built-in ice machine. This is very convenient and requires a fairly painless connection to your water hookup. If you are replacing a refrigerator that already used this you are set. Otherwise you may want to have your refrigerator professionally installed and let a local plumber/installer help you out with the water source.

Some of the higher end units feature in-door ice and water as well as temperature readout and other fun features. Having an indoor ice feature is nice because you don't have to open the freezer to get ice and is a little more energy efficient in the long run by not losing the cold air every time you open the freezer box.

Many of these units have some very advanced organizational shelving and systems. Many are extremely module so you can configure the shelves exactly how you like depending on the way you use your refrigerator. Look for units that have humidity controlled crispers, they work great and allow the fridge to keep your fruits and vegetables in their proper controlled habitat. Models will vary greatly with the quality and design of the shelves. Some have some very fancy “gliding” style shelves which are very nice to use and typically rugged. If you have children make sure to get a higher quality fridge with breakaway style shelves in the lower sections for the pantry and other compartments so they don't ruin your shelving. Newer models will have LED lighting which is bright and adds to the energy efficiency.


There are many different finishes available for top mount fridges including the typical stainless steel, white and black. Some are available in a special fingerprint free finish which is awesome when you have children using the unit often. Some deluxe models have a lock to actually keep out your children for any reason. These types of refrigerators are unique and sometimes offer a reversible mount for the hinges. For example, if you have your refrigerator located in a tight area next to a wall and can't open the door wide enough you can reverse the hinges easily so it can open the other direction nice and wide. This style fridge outperforms side by side models in this respect since you can't reverse mount the hinges on a side by side.


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