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Best Advice on Side by Side Fridges

Samsung Side by Side Fridge

When it comes to side by side fridges, consumers can discover optimal performance, reliability and a diverse range of quality features all custom suited to their needs. All these and more for the best price too.

Among the top brands include Samsung, LG, Beko and Westinghouse which have been noted as reliable and efficient brands. When shopping for a particular fridge you have in mind, it is always best to check each as they are diversified in terms of energy rating, colour or finish, gross volume, depth, width and even height.

Westinghouse Side by Side Fridge

Energy Rating

From the different brands we have available, you can base your decision on the energy rating of the product. The energy rating of an appliance basically indicates its efficiency on use of energy. This in turn determines how much energy or power your appliance will use in a year. The more stars in the rating, the better is the efficiency of the product . It also means lower power usage and more potential energy savings in comparison to other products.

Colours and Finishing

You also have a range of colours and finishing to choose from including the glossy platinum, the silver or stainless steel finish, and even the bright white to match your house decor or just satisfy your preference in appearance.

LG Side by Side Fridge


The decision to get one of the choice products can also be determined by the amount of items you aim or need to keep refrigerated. You can select a side by side fridge based on the gross volume it can hold in terms of litres. You can either select one in the gross volume range of 500 to 599 litres, or one that can hold between 600 and 699 litres and finally one that can accommodate 700 to 799 litres in gross volume.

Space and Size

Finally, you can select an appliance that fits your space requirements. Here, the difference lies in the depth, width and the height of a given side by side fridge. Based on the minimum space you have to fit your selected product, you can purchase a fridge whose depth ranges from 700 to 799 millimetres. For space in terms of width, check fridges in the range of 800 to 899 millimetres wide. You can also get a product that is over 900 millimetres wide. In terms of size, you can choose to have a fridge ranging from 1700 to 1799 millimetres in height.

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