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Aesthetically appealing to the eye, a French door fridge will bring an air of sophistication to your kitchen. With a great range of offers at Bing Lee you are sure to find a match to flatter the space and design in your kitchen. We stock a wide variety of brands, all boasting a range of modern features.


Notable features that can be found on various models are the unique digital display and panel for manual adjustments and manually control temperature for both fridge and freezer compartments. The power freeze or power cool options are also available which enable increased cooling power for times when the door has been left open such as after putting the shopping away. The power freeze feature is perfect for chilling warm beverages allowing them to be ready to drink in minutes. No more waiting for hours for drinks to cool.

Other features that may be included on the digital display panel include child lock, no little fingers accidentally altering the dial, vacation mode, time and many more. Check out the individual model description to discover the specific features included in that fridge.


Perfect for the caterer or entertainer French door fridges feature the unique double door design. This enables the full width of the fridge to be taken advantage of when storing larger items such as party platters, cakes, roasts and much, much more. With shelves at waist height, there is no more straining to lift heavy products from the bottom up, as you may find in traditional fridges. You will also find the fruit and vegetable crisper at a convenient height thereby making accessible the products you use more often.

Allowing for enhanced cooling the deep freezer compartment located at the bottom of the fridge can come in door or draw from giving you flexibility to choose. There are plenty of sizes available varying in height, width and depth making the choice of finding a fridge for the space in your kitchen easier.

Bonus features that can be included are an added drink draw between the fridge and freezer compartments to keep beverages at the right temperature or perhaps for storing those more fragile products. Try the door in door fridge option found on some models. The choice of storage is up to you. Or perhaps a water dispenser is more your style. No more letting cool air rush out when needing a glass of water, just use the easily accessible dispenser located on the door.

With increasing popularity for their function and design let us help choose the right fridge for you. With a wide price range on offer, there is plenty to choose from to meet your budget. Whether it is platinum or stainless steel you are looking for, a French door fridge is sure to withstand your expectations. All o fridges come with warranty or extended warranty so you are covered in the unlikely event of any fault.


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