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Bar Fridges


Fridges form a fundamental accessory at home. They allow you to store more food thus enabling bulk shopping. They allow drinks and beverages to be served at recommended temperatures and just finish up the look of the kitchen. Being versatile in their function, there are several types of fridges in the market. These differ in style, capacity and specialized function. While this variety leaves you spoilt for choice if you do not get the fridge tailored to your needs then you will have made a costly mistake.

Here is a guide to give you an idea of what is in the market and what to look out for when shopping for a fridge.


In terms of design, there are side by side fridges, top mount fridges, bottom mount fridges and French door fridges as the main designs.

Side by side fridges basically have the two distinct units i.e. freezer and rest of fridge unit placed on the left and right respectively. The other common designs in the market are the top mount fridge and the bottom mount fridge. They are so named because of the location of the freezer.

In the top mount fridge, the freezer is located at the top and for the bottom mount it is at the bottom. They are ideal for someone with average storage needs and are also cost effective in terms of maintenance.

Finally, in terms of design there are French door fridges open centrally allowing for easy access and viewing of the food. They have a spacious top and a sliding freezing part for storing food you want to keep frozen at the bottom.


In term of specialized functionality there are bar fridges. Bar fridges on the other hand are the ideal compact fridges. They are suitable for small offices, holiday homes, hostels etc. They offer mobility, enough storage space and functionality. The difference in bar fridges is usually the type of doors and the size and whether they come with a freezer compartment. You may also have to consider the material for the door or whole fridge. Most bar fridges come with an average height of about 800mm making them easy to fit under a counter in a truck or anywhere where there is need for more space. In selecting the kind of doors you may opt for split doors or a single one.

Glass doors while a bit fragile offer a great view and add to the impression of space. On the other hand stainless steel doors are durable, sleek and can withstand rough movement.

When selecting amongst bar fridges, you will need to consider their shelves which could be limited on the kind of items they hold. Usually the type you pick has to be determined by your use. Keep in mind that most bar fridges have limited temperature ranges. If you are not going to need the freezer you can opt for one with larger shelves increasing capacity to hold drinks. You can have a bar fridge unit as your main refrigeration solution or you can have it a complimentary one to the main fridge unit.


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