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All about Freezers

Palsonic Chest Freezer

The cold world of freezers exhibits a wide variety of choices, versatility and aesthetics, that makes shopping for the right one very sweaty work. Freezers come in three main categories: chest, vertical and integrated. The main purpose of freezers is to keep perishable items cold so that they do not go bad, and all three types do just that. Choice is further varied by different sizes and individual design lines. However, choosing the correct freezer to buy needs not make you break a sweat. It is all a matter of considering a number of things that will guide you to the best choice. The considerations are discussed below.

Mitsubishi Upright Freezer


The first consideration is the intention for which the freezer is being bought. Those who have bulky foodstuffs or medicine to store would be well advised to buy larger freezers whether vertical or chest. Chest freezers have wider bases on the ground & usually a larger capacity. Vertical freezers on the other hand have a small base and tall body. Some of them are also very large. So where one has a lot of items to freeze, but limited horizontal space, then latter can be a good choice.

The integrated freezers are a combination of ordinary refrigerators, with special freezing chambers incorporated into them. This means that they can keep stored items merely cold, or actually frozen, depending on where the storage is done. They appeal to people who would like to keep their drinks cold and their meat frozen within the same appliance. Most modern day refrigerators serve this purpose.

Design and Performance

Beko Chest Freezer

Freezers may be functional utilities but that does not given then the excuse to be ugly. The customer must choose the design that appeals to his fancy. In terms of color, there may be some variety to choose from, but most freezers are white for hygienic purposes, since they involve storage of items meant for human consumption. Many people say that freezers look alike. However, there are differences in the appeal of the external design, while there is a big difference in the internal outlay. The way the chambers and shelves are arranged can help the buyer decide which one to choose. Generally, a good freezer should enable the user to store different items separately in a convenient way. The freezer should also make it easier to retrieve the items without unnecessarily disturbing the others. The interior design will thus be considered dysfunctional, if it is not operable with such efficiency.

Westinghouse Vertical Freezer

Cleanliness Maintenance

It is important to have a fridge that is easy to clean both in the inside and outside. Freezers generally come with the defrosting function to help thaw out accumulated layers of ice. Make sure that such a function is available before making the purchase. It must also have easily removable parts for the purpose of cleaning. Fixed chambers just tend to accumulate unwanted dirt.