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Hisense Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs

When it comes to unique design elements and terrific on-board smart platform, Hisense Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs have it all. One of the brand leaders in LCD TV market, Chinese manufacturer Hisense delivers formidable arsenal of features, including 3D technology, Smart TV interface, media sharing and best TV resolution.

Best Resolution

Hisense High Definition TVs have two different resolutions; HD ready and full HD. HD ready screens have a resolution of 1366*768 pixels. On the other hand, those with full HD have one of 1920*1080 pixels. The TV’s good motion resolution and rich color contrast make it among the best choice among users.

Ultra 4K and HD

Hisense Ultra4k and HD comes with a resolution that is four times that of full HD. The more detailed view produced by such a screen requires a lot of storage and bandwidth. With a resolution of 3840*2160, your watching experience just becomes better!

Out of the Box Features

Hisense Full HD 3D LED & LCD Smart TVs boast great edge-lit panel display. Even budget-priced TVs also share its sleek design and modern styles. Remote controls have quick selection of keys for easy access aside from the normal collection of control keys.

Kinds of Tuners Compatible with TV Sets From Hisense

There are two major types of tuners namely Freeview HD and Freesat HD. Freesat HD allows one to access a wide array of channels through a satellite dish. Both tuners are free to air with the main difference being the use of satellite dishes in Freesat HD tuners.


There are different TV sizes provided by Hisense. Depending on one’s needs, there are sets as large as 65 inches.

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