Easy Returns

Having trouble with a product or bought a product online and needed to return it? Have peace of mind with the ability to walk into any physical Bing Lee store and be taken care of. Whether you've made a purchase from a physical Bing Lee store or online, you can return a defective product to any of our Bing Lee stores located in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria for assistance at a location and time convenient for you.

For goods purchased online, our Online Customer Service Team also offers a prepaid postal return service.

The process is quick and easy to request a return:

  1. Simply contact a member of our Online Customer Service Team either using live chat online or by calling 1300 980 399.
  2. You will receive a prepaid Australia Post sticker to send the item you are returning back to us at your convenience.
  3. Follow the instructions we give you and send the product back to us for assessment.
  4. We'll then contact you once its received.

Help and Support

For further assistance please contact our Online Customer Service Team on 1300 980 399 or email [email protected] we always endeavour to help.

What Happens when you want to return something?

When returning a purchase for assessment make sure you bring the original purchase receipt with you. Also be sure to bring along any instruction books, cables or other accessories included out of the box. Depending on the product you are returning, it may be necessary for the product to be sent back to the manufacturer for assessment.

We will endeavour to get the return process completed as quickly as possible.

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