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The new range of action cameras like the GoPro HERO3 series has a huge amount of features to help you capture the exciting and the interesting moments of your life, rich colour and extraordinary high definition in both movie and camera mode. Control the camera from your Android or iOS device, making it much easier to change settings on the fly while the camera is already in position. Some great modes give you even more opportunities for creativity, like the Time Lapse function. Choose different lens perspectives for different situations to give your audience (and yourself) a great record of your daring adventures.

GoPro is an American company, but this outdoor & adventure camera manufacturer has Australian roots. In 2002, founder Nick Woodman wanted to capture his surfing tricks on film while vacationing Down Under, but the lack of affordable material for non-professional photographers made it impossible.

Back in California, Nick spent two years fundraising for GoPro, selling sturdy camera straps from the back of his RV. His dream was to create professional quality products for amateur photographers that can resist the harshest conditions to take stunning, clear pictures from a distance. In 2004, the first GoPro camera was produced. Thereafter, GoPro started catering to action sports beyond surfing. Today, you can take a GoPro camera anywhere. Under water? Not a problem. Up close and personal with wild animals? GoPro is your go-to brand! Bing Lee offers various GoPro cameras, such as the HERO3 Silver Edition and a multitude of accessories such as stands, frames and rechargeable batteries.

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