Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Chill out and keep summertime blues at bay

As warmer weather teases, it’s tempting to opt for quick fixes for cooling relief. Before summer begins to sizzle, now is a great time to review the cooling needs of the home to enjoy comfort indoors while delivering positive cost and energy savings.

Air conditioners are more energy efficient, reliable and affordable to run than ever before. Homeowners should consider their year round cooling and heating needs, keeping in mind rising gas prices which can impact winter heating bills.

Reverse cycle air conditioning provides comfort all year round and is now valued as a necessary inclusion - rather than a luxury - to the Australian home.

With a wide range of options available, a licenced air conditioning specialist can assist with decision making. Let them know the budget and lifestyle requirements, room measurements, insulation and which direction the home is facing, for advice on the best solution.

It’s also advantageous to select an air conditioning system that operates with minimal noise, as this prevents any unwelcome disruptions to neighbours when entertaining outdoors.

Homeowners looking to add value to an investment property, or those with plans to renovate their homes should consider a ducted air conditioning solution. Ducted systems are an ideal whole home solution, providing greater flexibility over temperature control in different rooms. In addition, ducted systems work seamlessly within the home’s interior décor as air grilles can be integrated throughout the entire home for a barely there finish.

An air conditioner from a reputable, trusted brand will be backed by comprehensive warranties and a strong service solution, adding peace of mind and flexibility when it comes to customer support and ongoing maintenance. Air conditioning systems can only be installed by licenced air conditioning specialists and naturally, it’s important to ask around for recommended contractors. A good contractor is experienced and knowledgeable, and can provide advice on which manufacturers offer the most reliable products, service and strong warranties.

Fujitsu General has a wide range of reverse cycle air conditioners to meet the specific needs of any single room or whole home solution.

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