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Factors to Consider When Buying a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Owing to their size, weight and cordless nature, handheld vacuum cleaners come as a convenience for most vacuuming needs. They are small in size and hence come in handy for cleaning small messes around the house, office or even in the car.

However, their efficiency and effectiveness depends on key features such as power and weight among others. As such, to ensure you get the ideal handheld vacuum cleaner for your cleaning needs, take into consideration factors like:

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Handheld vacuum cleaners are cordless in nature and hence store their power in a battery. However, different makes and models come with varying battery life. This comes with several impacts to the use of the cleaner. For starters, it affects the cleaner’s suction power; consequently affecting its efficiency. It also affects the period of time during which the cleaner can be used as continuous use depletes the energy. As such, it is important to ensure that the handheld vacuum cleaner you purchase has a long battery life so as to facilitate strong suction power and allow long cleaning durations.

Size and weight

The vacuum cleaner’s size and weight significantly affects its portability. As such, when shopping, ensure that the cleaner is at least standard in size. This will not only make it easy to store and carry around but also to use in tight spaces like the car. Also, check the cleaner to see that you are comfortable with the weight. Choosing a heavy handheld vacuum cleaner not only makes it hard to carry around but also to handle in uneven spaces like the car’s interior and cavities.

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Depending on the make and model, your handheld vacuum cleaner may be limited to only cleaning solid particles and debris. This consequently makes it ineffective for cleaning wet spills, and may imply taking more demanding measures like mopping or buying another cleaner. As such, make sure that the cleaner you buy has a WET/DRY cleaning functionality to allow comprehensive cleaning.


It is also important to check that the cleaner’s bin is large enough to hold a considerable amount of dirt and debris. This will save you the trouble of having to empty the bin after short durations of cleaning.

Compatibility and attachments

Just as is the case with many other household tools, handheld air conditioners require attachments to facilitate flexibility in cleaning. Attachments are used to get rid of common shortcomings; facilitating cleaning in hard to reach areas or uneven surfaces. As such, make sure you check the types of attachments which come with the cleaner before you buy. Also check to see whether they are compatible with common and convenient attachments.

The convenience in handheld vacuum cleaners

Compared to standard vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners come with major advantages and conveniences such as:


Handheld vacuum cleaners are cordless in nature, small and light weight. All these features go a long way in making them easily portable. Consequently, portability comes as a major advantage as users are able to carry the cleaner anywhere including to the office, home and the car.


One of the major advantages of handheld vacuum cleaners is their flexibility. Unlike standard cleaners, these are small in size and light, making them ideal for cleaning up small messes and hard to reach places like cavities and car seats and floor. They are also easily compatible with attachments which enable them perform special tasks like cleaning pet hair.

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Albeit handheld vacuum cleaners are small in size, they are still capable of providing just as much power as the standard cleaners. This hence makes them just as effective and even better considering the other advantages and conveniences.

Thanks to their specialized features and design, handheld vacuum cleaners offer power, portability and flexibility; making them ideal for comprehensive cleaning at the house, the office or even in the car.