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Cleaning carpet has always been a headache for those who do not have the proper equipments or do not know the proper way to do the same. However, if you are the one who has recently purchased a carpet for your bedroom and worried about the ways of cleaning it, then you are at the right place; as you can find some of the best carpet cleaners from the market leaders in the field of vacuum cleaners.

For an effective carpet cleaning, you need to rely on a product that not only is in your budget, but also makes the carpet cleaning easier than ever before. For those who are purchasing the carpet cleaner for the first time, here is the list of different types of carpet cleaners available in the market, which will help you to choose the right cleaner for you.


Dry carpet cleaners perform a two-way action and are useful for those who perform the clean in a regular basis. Although the dry-cleaning carpet cleaners are not as effective as the deep cleansing cleaners, but can perform decent cleaning in order to have a great looking carpet. Here’s how this type of carpet cleaners works:

As a simple vacuum cleaner, the cleaner first sucks up all the dirt particles from the carpet, and then the mixture of chemicals and water cleans the remaining residue and stains and leaves a shiny and clean carpet.


Dry foam carpet cleaners work in an almost similar way as the dry-cleaning carpet cleaners, but instead of using the mixture of water and chemicals, they use special carpet shampoo, that is spread over the carpet and after a few minutes, cleaner is used to suck all the dirt and remove stain from the carpet.


Deep cleansing carpet cleaners are known to provide ultimate cleaning to the carpet and are used by many of the professional companies which provide the carpet cleaning services.

Deep cleansing carpet cleaners use the hot water and a mixture of chemicals that not only removes tough stains from the carpet, but also removes germs and bacteria from the carpet. So, if you are having kids or toddlers in your home, it is advised that instead of choosing the foam or dry carpet cleaners, you should go with the deep cleansing carpet cleaners.

You can choose any of the above listed types of carpet cleaners according to your budget and needs. Buying a carpet-cleaner is a much cost-effective and reliable way to have a healthier and cleaner home, than to hire a company for scheduled cleanup for your carpet. Choose from the different products available at the Bing Llee according to your needs and budget. Bing Llee has a wide range of carpet cleaners so that you can easily choose the right product from a good brand for your home.

So, don't worry about cleaning the tough stains and dirt from your carpet, just buy a carpet cleaner according to your needs, and get rid of expensive carpet cleaning services from the professionals.

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