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Refresh and revitalise your home with an air purifier from Bing Lee. With leading brands such as Dyson, Breville, Philips, Sharp, Samsung and DeLonghi, our range offers the way to ensure a pleasant, clean environment - and the health of you and your family.

A particularly good option for those who suffer from allergies and hay fever, many purifiers feature a HEPA filter that can trap and remove micron-sized allergens from the air. You’ll also find units incorporating carbon filtration that can catch potentially dangerous gases and airborne particles.

How do they work?

In their simplest form air purifiers consist of a filter as well as a fan to draw in a recirculate clean air. As air is drawn in through the filter contaminants are removed. Filters come in a variety of materials such as paper, fiberglass or mesh and must be replaced regularly in order to maintain the effectiveness of the air purification unit.

Bing Lee offers some of the most outstanding examples of air purifiers, with Dyson air purifying towers, for example, able to automatically sense particles and gases, capturing 99.95% of ultrafine particles.

With approval from the National Asthma Council Australia, these outstanding appliances also include Air Multiplier technology which can deliver over 290 litres per second of purified air.

You’ll also discover “2-in-1” Philips Air Purifiers, which not only offer superb purification performance but can also dehumidify the air – sure to be a relief if your home is prone to damp.

At Bing Lee, we believe that everyone deserves the best products to help them live healthy and happy lives at home. Our commitment extends to offering multiple flexible payment options, including Zip and Afterpay - which will let you experience the benefits of the best air purifiers right now.

In addition, you can breathe easy and not worry about how to get these brilliant products home: we offer a range of convenient pickup and delivery options in Sydney and Melbourne*.

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