Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines

Fisher and Paykel washing machines bring you a world first in washer technology with SmartDrive. Combining smart electronics and a direct drive motor connecting directly to the wash drum removes the need for a belt and pulleys. Instead feedback is continuously sent to a computer from the motor to control all tumble and spin action. Smart.

With a host of easy to use features, life is made easy. With selected washers, pause anytime during a wash cycle to add or remove a garment and carry on washing just like that. Specially engineered to keep noise and vibration to a minimum, Fisher and Paykel washers are also ideal for compact living spaces and young families.

Delivering better clothes care and more reliability, Fisher and Paykel washers are designed to take the hassle out of washing so you can spend more time on the important things in life. Browse our extensive range of washing machines from Fisher and Paykel online today.

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