Fisher & Paykel Vented Dryers

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Fisher & Paykel’s vented dryers have been designed with your convenience in mind, so that you’ll always have what you need to dry your clothes more quickly and efficiently, without wasting more energy than absolutely necessary.

Vented dryers are the perfect addition to any home, especially if you don’t have a backyard where you can hang your clothes. Fisher & Paykel vented dryers feature as many temperature settings as there are types of washable material, so you’ll be sure to get the right cycle for all your clothes. Take advantage of automatic sensors, which you can program to stop the machine when your items have attained the dryness level of your choice.

And handy time delay function is included in some vented dryers, so you can set your model to run when it is most convenient for you. Wake up with freshly cleaned clothes or dry your load when electricity rates are the lowest on your plan. You’ll soon see that Fisher & Paykel’s vented dryers can adapt flawlessly to every lifestyle.

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