Fisher & Paykel Condenser Dryers

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Perfect for you and your family, the Fisher & Paykel condensing dryers combine innovation and a sleek design to complement your laundry.

Featuring multiple drying cycles and easy to use functions, these dryers care for your clothes. Whether you love going for morning runs and washing and drying your gear straight away, or skiing in your favourite ski jacket, you can be confident that a Fisher & Paykel condensing dryer can handle it all. Plus, the Fisher & Paykel 8kg Condensing dryer comes with a drying rack that is perfect for those items that are too precious to tumble.

Not to mention, these dryers are great for family sized loads, and the condensing technology with its moisture reduction is the healthier choice for allergy sufferers. Fisher & Paykel condensing dryers are also designed to match and look stylish together with a Fisher and Paykel front load washer in your laundry. Shop the extensive range of Fisher & Paykel condensing dryers online at Bing Lee today!

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